Mike Jabon, Travel Writer

VRTG-mike-5-16-2016Living as a digital nomad, Mike has visited over 40 countries on six continents. However, he feels as though he has barely touched the surface of his travel adventures. Mike speaks fluent English, Japanese, and intermediate Spanish, but plans to learn a few more languages. Mike explains to VRTG that languages and cooking are two of his greatest passions.

Mike lived overseas and has been involved in travel for 25 years. After college he became a teacher in Japan and lived there for 6 years where he taught and then, later worked for various industries – primarily trade companies. Thereafter, for the next decade and a half Mike mostly lived in the United States but went back and forth to Japan and other countries for business and tourism. During that 15-year period Mike also earned a Master’s degree in business and technology management.

Aside from travel writing, more of passion than money maker – Mike makes his living as Internet expert. Specifically he helps companies succeed with e-commerce, user experience analytics, and top page results within Google or Bing search engines. Should you wish to contact Mike for business, please visit his site at http://adwords-expert.net.