Luz (Lulu) Orozco, Travel Writer

VRTG-Lulu-2016Since Luz was a little girl, she dreamed of traveling to new places, learning new languages and cultures while writing about her experiences. At 16, she attended high school in the United States learning English as her second language. On her 18th birthday, Luz married a men half Japanese and half Mexican who had been offered a job opportunity in Japan. After their Cancun honeymoon, they packed up to move to live in Saitama Ken, Japan.

Her experience in Japan was fulfilling. Lulu made a host of friends, learned the language and had the opportunity to work with people from all over the world. She also learned Portuguese while living in Japan. In 2002, she moved back to the States and has been traveling over the years to Australia, Belize, UK, Canada, and Mexico always writing, taking pictures, and witnessing the vast beauty of the planet.

Luz’s regular work includes teaching piano and guitar for the past 10 years along with organizational work for sales and promotions of concerts. Lulu is looking forward to doing more traveling and putting her creative skills to work in the writing venue.