Emily Yurcheshen, Travel Writer

emilys-profile-pictureFrom Song Voice to Writer’s Voice

Emily Yurcheshen is a singer/songwriter, creativity coach and music teacher. As director of Peaceworks Communications, her mission is to promote personal and planetary peace through music, creativity and communication.

As a child, Emily loved to sing and dance with her father but never imagined she would be a musician and published author. Emily’s travels took her on a healing world odyssey that taught her how to hear the songs and stories from her heart. Upon returning from her magical journey, she began teaching others to find the songs and stories within and writing her first book, An Odyssey of Song (scheduled for release November 2014).

Emily combines her passion for music with her progressive educational background to create, perform and inspire people  to make music. Ms. Yurcheshen leads workshops, performs, and conducts private consultations worldwide as well as writing articles for the VRTG!

Emily’s new book, Odyssey of Song is a workbook which uses music as a path to authentic creativity, will be released in Fall of 2014.