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By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG

If you are looking for a scenic vacation, put Wisconsin on your map. Abundant in natural beauty, it is one of those magical. serene grounds where you can sit by the lakeside or walk through a mystical forest. It is a place worth protecting and that is exactly what Lundquist Realty works to do. Situated in the beautiful Door County, Lundquist Realty seeks to preserve the Earth’s natural beauty. Because of this, they run their company in a unique way. They use the existing resources to their greatest extent while trying to limit the harm done to the land.

wisconsin wild life and beauty

Beautiful Fall Day–Princes Point Wildlife Area, Wisconsin

For this reason, as well, the business does not have online reservations. Instead, they invite guests to visit and interact face-to-face to give them the best advice and attention. While this might seem inconvenient at first, it allows guests to first, fall in love with the landscape. Secondly, guest may see what they are renting. Lundquist Realty offers no surprises and no tricks. Their services are honest and given with heart. You probably have never heard of Door County. However, the agency website is filled with resources, maps, and directions.

Delightful Homes

Lundquist Realty rentals are cottages. Yes, these are the cozy wooden cottages where you want to snuggle up with a cup of warm hot chocolate on the porch. Cottages include a variety of settings, occupancy, rooms, pet-friendliness, and services such as fireplaces and air conditioning. Settings range from enchanting forests to calm waterfronts while rooms are available for up to 12 or more guests. These accommodations are well maintained and offer the most basic amenities. However, to keep costs low they suggest guests bring their own linens and towels. You will also find opportunities to recycle and different responsibilities that come with each cabin.

Following their unique environmental approach, the Internet is only available at an extra price, although books are free. These cabins encourage you to explore or broaden your horizons, rather than living in the device you can return to at any other time. Lundquist Realty offers a retreat that may seem daunting but will raise awareness for the need to appreciate our surroundings. Challenge yourself to explore nature without any distractions for an enlightening vacation.

Hidden Magic of Wisconsin

If you know something about the Door County, the various rental areas may help you to decide what you want to do in your spare time. Locations include Bailey’s Harbor, Egg Harbor, Ellison Bay, Gills Rock, Rowley Bay, and more. Here guests will enjoy endless opportunities to hike trails, picnic in fields, or perch upon a tree to watch the sunset. Wisconsin is a place you best experience for yourself.

Water lovers will also find a new home here. From paddle boarding to kayaking, sailing, driving motor boats to boat rides. Each is available within close range to the cottages. On the other hand, a great way to experience the wild outdoors is on horseback. Kurtz Corral Riding Stable will give you a fresh new perspective of the trails. Or, you could try out the Segway rides if horses are not your preferred time of transportation. After all this, are you ready to enter this secluded adventure?

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