WEST HAMPTON BEACH- Westhampton Beach, NY

Small Details Lead to Greatness

By Lead Travel Writer Renee Fontaine


“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”
—Vincent Van Gogh

Westhampton-Beach-Back-yard-with-dinning-table-3The small details in all aspects of our lives are what lead to greatness and success. From relationships, to art, to cooking, to business, there is nothing more important than the “small things.” This rule also holds true for the aspects that make a house a home. This Westhampton Beach house brings all the small details together in perfect harmony to create an enchanting, warm, welcoming, comfortable home ideal for family gatherings, reunions, or weddings.

The Setting

This waterfront New England style home is set on an oversized lot directly on the waterway inlet that leads to the Atlantic Ocean. The quaint Long Island town, Westhampton Beach, and the public beach are just a short stroll away. Westhampton Beach is one of several upscale beach communities on the south eastern side of Long Island, New York. Collectively, these beach towns are known as the Hamptons. Award winning novels and movies, such as The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Something’s Gotta Give, by Nancy Meyers with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton were filmed here. The Hampton arouses images in my mind of such great characters as Nick Carraway, Jay Gatsby, Erica Barry, and Harry Sanborn. Many of Manhattan’s wealthiest and well-known residents own homes in the area that offer a great escape from the fast paced lifestyle of the City.

Main Street in Westhampton Beach is lined with quaint shops and restaurants with original themes and names including: Wetter or Not, O’Suzanna, and Post Stop Café. The people I passed on the street and encountered in the shops were warm and welcoming. Some mornings, I strolled into town for an espresso at The Beach Bakery Cafe. The café was bustling with people enjoying their morning coffee while reading the paper or tapping on their computers.

Beach Lane, not surprisingly, leads to the entrance of the main beach. A pathway took me past the public beach house down to a sandy beach. The beach is wide and bordered by the sparkling blue ocean water on one side and tall beach-grass on the other side. Seagulls fly over the water diving for food in the cool Atlantic water. Miles of secluded sandy beach stretching in both directions beckon me to explore the sandy coastline. As I sat in the sand, I took a deep breath to fill my lungs with the clean fresh ocean air and took in the beauty of my surroundings. Breathtaking!

Some evenings, I strolled into town for dinner at one of the fine restaurant choices. The silhouette of the trees and houses against the star-lit sky was stunning. The Patio, my favorite dining choice, with soft tasteful lighting, dark wood furniture, and stylish décor, exudes a warm and comfortable ambience. The cuisine is fresh, light, and includes such favorites as Butternut Squash Soup and Pan Roasted Salmon. The easy flowing conversation throughout the restaurant and bar between guests, staff, and owner creates a nostalgic air that made me feel as if I was a local in this quaint town.

The GardensWesthampton-Beach-back-yard-3

A white picket fence lines the road side of the property. The U-shaped driveway leads past the finely landscaped front yard and garden to the front entrance. Built in 1897, this immaculate New England style home sits majestically between mature trees and flowering bushes. To the right of the front entrance is a gate that leads to the backyard. I opened the gate and passed under a trellis archway to the finely landscaped and designed outdoor recreational area. At the center is a large alluring swimming pool great for cooling down or playing water games with the family on hot summer days. To the right, is a state-of-the-art barbecue grill that is every chef ’s dream. Behind the pool is a hot tub large enough for eight to ten guests. It is perfect for relaxing and chatting with your friends on cool evenings!

Past the pool terrace is an open green expanse that leads to the boat dock and inlet. This radiant waterway is home to many types of bird species that make this setting a nature lover’s paradise. The wide-open lawn is perfect for a family game of touch football, croquet, or volleyball and is equally suitable for a large wedding ceremony and reception. In fact, many couples have taken their vows in this magnificent setting.

Family Allure

Entering the home, I immediately felt the airiness, style and comfort associated with upscale beach community homes. Windows line the back and side walls providing a dazzling array of light that illuminates the stunning décor. Pastel colors, wood floors, antique furniture and accent pieces, plush floral and plaid furniture unite to create a very welcoming feeling.

The view from the entry foyer is stunning. The yellow painted walls offer warmth and sunshine even on cloudy days. Four ivory colored columns frame a den which is perfectly adorned with two large floral print plush chaise lounges. A long antique buffet table along the side window is adorned with a perfectly placed antique-style sail boat model. This is a great spot to relax and cuddle up with a book after lunch.

Beyond the columns is a long pine wood table with plaid colored chairs and stylish floral arrangement at its center. The table is large enough to comfortably seat fourteen of your dearest friends, colleagues or family members. Just past the table is a large picture window that frames incredible gardens and inlet views. On warm summer days, dinner can be taken at the tables outside on the spacious deck.

To the right of the dining room is a spacious living room with two plush floral sofas and chairs. A fireplace framed in an ivory colored mantel with red brick is set at the far wall. A large square cushion style coffee table is centrally placed in the room providing an inviting centerpiece. The sage-colored rattan style end tables, yellow lamps, bay window, sailboat model, and an ivory colored entertainment center frame the room with unexpected symmetry. Each evening, I lit a fire in the alluring fireplace. The light of the fire dances against the décor in the evening light creating a calming and peaceful ambience that is a perfect prelude for family members before retiring to bed.

To the left of the entry foyer is a cozy breakfast nook. The round table and four floral fabric wicker chairs is the perfect spot for a leisurely breakfast and coffee while reading the morning paper. Just to the left is the spacious kitchen with walk-in pantry. The ivory colored cabinets with glass doors and large cutting board island unite to create elegance and functionality. Cooking for your family, colleagues, or wedding party has never been more convenient.

Each Bedroom a Retreat

Seven inviting bedrooms, each unique and diverse, await your family or guests to meet all tastes and personalities.

Slumber Party

To the right of the entry foyer is a bedroom and bathroom perfectly suited for two to four sisters or girlfriends regardless of their age: ten, forty, or seventy-five! This spacious rectangle room has two luxurious queen beds. The pale green and light pink colors combine with the floral patterned curtains and chairs to elicit a very feminine appeal. Each morning the sunrise brings a stunning light through the windows that accent the colors and décor. The exterior door that leads out to the gardens and swimming pool invites an impromptu midnight swim.

The Love NestPhoto 3 - hampton beach - Master Bedroom

Just across the den, a stairway leads to the spacious second floor foyer. The master suite, to the right, is an elegantly designed architectural work of art. A wall of windows facing the waterway inlet brings in a warm and welcoming natural light. A fireplace on the far right is a welcoming feature on cool winter nights. The centerpiece of this masterpiece is the large king size bed placed at an angle in the middle of the room. Elegant cream-colored curtains frame the four corners of the plush bed giving a feeling that the bed is floating in space between the glow of the fire and the view of the water. The master bathroom is a wonderful compliment. The deep soaking tub, twin sinks, and separate shower make for a functional and comfortable setting. Each evening before retiring to bed, I relaxed in the hot bath water softened by ammonia salts and oils.

Each morning, I was gently awakened by the dazzling sunrise. The hot pink glow in the dark sky creates silhouettes of the trees and vegetation along the inlet. As the sun rises higher and the sky is illuminated, the birds chatter and dive for food in the cool morning water. One morning, after a cold night, the inlet had a thin layer of ice. I watched as the wild geese and seagulls paddled along the thin layer of the ice.

The Chameleon

Next to the master suite is a bright, airy, and stylish bedroom. The beautifully etched glass entry door, gabled ceiling, and skylight exude light and openness. The breathtaking view of the water from the comfy bed is a welcoming way to start each day. The spacious sitting area with two love seats and a large cushioned Ottoman is a perfect place to take your morning coffee or afternoon tea. French doors lead to the roomy second story deck, the perfect romantic spot for stargazing at night. The cream-colored furnishings and bedding provide for a diversity of accent pieces allowing this room to be suitably customized for a couple, a man, or a woman.

Two Brothers

Just past the spacious nicely ornamented bathroom and large armoire of the second floor foyer is room well-suited for two brothers or friends. The two twin beds with checkered blue and white bedding flawlessly match the floor tile of the en-suite bathroom and lamp shade. The antique wooden desk is a wonderful compliment to provide the ideal spot where the boys can set up computers for video games or catch up on homework.

The Hideout

A narrow stairway leads from the second floor foyer to the third floor. This large open space with four trundle beds make an ideal “hideout” for four to eight children to play video games, race toy cars, tell ghost stories, built blanket tents, and talk about their newest crush. Be aware, they may post a sign “no adults allowed.” The natural light from the eight skylights enhances the bright blue décor. On the far end of the room is a feature that health-conscious adults in the family will enjoy: A dry sauna on the far end of the room. This is also a great way to warm up after a day boating in the inlet or fishing in the open water.

The Cove

A small hallway off the first floor kitchen leads to a quiet and serene section of the home. This cozy first floor bedroom is perfect for the chef in the family or group. The twin bed next to the shelf full of cookbooks is the ideal location to relax after an afternoon swim or to leaf through recipe ideas for dinner.

A Quiet Haven

A staircase, to a separate second level, leads to a quiet, secluded bedroom with en-suite bathroom. The rosebud print carpet and bedding combine strikingly with the plush blue and white striped love seat, chaise lounge, and Ottoman. The matching wallpaper theme, antique dresser, night stand, and bureau mingle with these patterns and colors to create a stunning effect.

Like a Family Member

Just as the “small things” make this beautiful house a masterpiece of a home, the impeccable service provided by your hostess, Lauren Berger, will make every guest feel like a family member. Lauren’s warm and welcoming smile, great sense of humor, and kindness will brighten the day of any weary traveler. Lauren’s greeting felt like the warmth I feel when seeing my sister after a long interlude. We shared stories of our holiday festivities while she gave me a tour of the Hampton area and pointed out some of the restaurants in town. The small details such as the fire lit in the fireplace, the finely made plush bedding, and bath salt and oils next to the tub immediately put me at ease and made me feel that I had arrived home. The genuine heartfelt care she gives to all her guest will make anyone feel like they have arrived at home. She has a fine selection of properties in New York, the Caribbean, and Europe. For availability and reservations at Lauren Berger Collection you may call her at (888) 522-1099, (239)-671-2920, or (646)-629-9669.

Category Placement

This property was chosen for the Retreat & Event Vacation Rental category due to the spacious size, numerous bedrooms and in home entertainment areas. This property is also be well suited for the categories of Luxury, Outstanding Location, Super Romantic, Unique, Wine Connoisseur and Vacation Rentals for the Sports Enthusiast Vacation Rentals. The Westhampton House, located just a couple miles away, can be rented in conjunction with this home to accommodate additional family members or guests.

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