Where Are the Best Vacation Rental Reviews?

Not All Vacation Reviews Are the Same.

Vacation Rental Reviews Not All Alike or Written Equally

Are you familiar with vacation rental reviews? If so, are you aware of the different types of property reviews? You may be new to vacation rental alternative to hotels, and may no realize the value of certified vacation rental reviews. On the other hand, you may have been burned when renting a vacation rental by owner. Certainly, we are all feeling new changes in the vacation rental world.

For example, are you aware that Air BnB has invested millions in their own vacation rental properties? This could mean a shift from a couch surfing concept to a corporate model. Or, have you noticed that HA and VRBO now charge a booking fee to travelers? Regardless of the changes, the key thing when booking a vacation home is to rent a home which is all it promises.

Three Reasons Why Vacation Home Reviews are Important

Check Vacation Rental Reviews of Vacation Homes.

About to rent a vacation home from a private owner? Then, professional vacation rental reviews must be part of your quest for your dream vacation home. Why? In fact, some travelers have found fraudulent situations when arriving at their vacation spot. This may be due to an already occupied home, a property in extreme disrepair, or a non-existent property. Renting from a professional managed agency is probably a safer way to go. How ever, it is imperative that you check the vacation rental reviews before booking a vacation rental option.

  1. Reliable Vacation Rental Write-ups Offer Security:

    Your security is basic while vacationing. You want to be sure that the neighborhood is safe. Therefore, look for reliable write ups and professional vacation rental reviews about the property by those who have actually stayed there. Look for clues about the safety of the area—especially in a foreign country. Obviously, look for many reviews from various sources for confirmation, as some reviews may be fake. Do not rely on just one property review to book your short-term rental.

  2. Knowing Vacation Property Status Can Save You Heartbreak:

    More than once, when looking to rent, I found that the person to whom I was speaking, was not the owner! Also, they were not able to show they had authority from the owner to rent. Therefore, you want to know who the owner really is. This is easy when the property review offers the address of the property. Reviews can help you know the exact property status. If you can not find the exact location, that could be a red flag. However, if a reliable property review confirms existence of the home, that reduces the risk.

  3. Detailed Vacation Rental Reviews Will Help Prepare Your Vacation:

    Personally written summaries of vacation properties will help you understand what to expect upon arrival. Why? Factual information of local attractions and outdoor activities can help you prepare what sports equipment to bring. If the review speaks about the weather, you will know better what clothing to pack.

Three types of Vacation Rental Reviews

What are the three types of reviews? Which of these reviews can you trust the most? Find the types of written vacation home summaries listed below:

  1. Yelp for Third Party Vacation Rental by Owner Reviews

Yelp is an informative independent service with short reviews written by people who have used the services of various businesses. However, the reviews for vacation home properties are limited. Hotels are very well represented but people are rarely writing often about private vacation rental homes. You can try to look up a vacation home by its brand name on YELP, but it is likely that it may not be listed. Yelp is more complete for other types of businesses.

  1. Vacation Rental Sites With Self Reviews

    Check the Vacation Rental Reviews before booking a place to stay.

    Self Site Reviews such as VRBO, and HomeAway Miss Key Info.

    Most vacation rental sites offer user reviews within the ad listing which has caught your eye. These types of reviews are often solicited by the listing website or property owner or manager. These short reviews are helpful, but often not complete or reliable. This is due to varying standards of the writers. There are few, if any, standards for those who report to these sites. Also, a psychological pressure is applied when the reviews are solicited. Some negative reviews, indeed, may go unpublished by discretion of the listing property host or site overlords. Lastly, some reviews are just fake.

  2.  Travel Guides for Vacation Rental Property Third Party Reviews

    Search online for printed travel guides written to check out only vacation rental properties. These are professionally written by experienced writers and travelers. I recommend reading these books to find well-vetted vacation rental homes. The info they give is very detailed and helpful in making your vacation all that it can be. The writers go straight to the homes and actually experience the vacation home. The writers have one standard applied to all the vacation properties. Among these travel guides are Lonely Planet, Fodors, and The Vacation Rental Travel Guide.

The Vacation Rental Travel Guide Vacation Rental Reviews are Reliable

Reviews on the vacation rental websites or Yelp are often too short and too sweet. Published by Deborah S. Nelson, The Vacation Rental Travel Guide dispatches a staff of talented travel writers. Each book is 260-pages of thorough reviews of top vacation rental homes. Do your homework. Think of protecting your family from a bad, unsafe, or unhealthy vacation. These travel guides will help you with the info you need. The travel guides covers various geographic areas, and focuses on the 10 basic vacation rental niches. Therefore, if you take a vacation to the beach, you may use the VRTG Guide on beach area vacation rentals. On the other hand, if you love sports, read the reviews on vacation rentals for the sports enthusiast section. See the 10 vacation rental niches on this site.

VRTG Vacation Rental Reviews Promotes Ideal Vacation Home

Information is power! Therefore, for the most reliability–arm yourself with independent third-party reviews of all vacation rentals by owner. This may take a bit of time. In this way, you will enjoy your vacation at its best! VRTG writers spend a week at all places to write a 3000-word essay review on the homes. Each vacation rental review includes the details of nearby attractions, stores, pubs, fine dining, and more. However, the first key is to know if the person renting is the owner or manager–with the right to rent to you.

Another key piece of info to know is if the area is safe for kids. And, is the home is livable? Was there a natural disaster in the area recently? Next, read about the local areas, attractions, outdoor activities, events, the free stuff, the nearby grocers, and the weather. Lastly, be sure to pat yourself on the back for the what you have done to prepare. Your group will be thankful for the details you have researched, once everyone is enjoying the ideal vacation spot!

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