Terms & Conditions for Owners/Managers


As a participant and/or advertiser in The Vacation Rental Travel Guide, you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. DS Publishing is publishing The Vacation Rental Travel Guide and will retain full editorial license plus control and copyright of its content.
  2. We are reviewing properties and doing write-ups per published book on selected vacation rental properties in selected categories.
  3. We charge an advertising/processing fee. As a participant, you will receive an advertising listing in the directory section of the geographic edition in which your property is located. You will receive a seal showing that your property is listed in the Vacation Rental Travel Guide plus its use as a promotional tool for you to distinguish your property or properties from the competition.
  4. Some, but not all, of the properties participating will be reviewed by DS Publishing’s travel writers. For each property reviewed, we also provide a free vacation rental consultation report as a bonus along with a copy of DS Publishing’s latest book: Do-it-Yourself Vacation Rental Branding. Of the properties reviewed, some will be selected for an editorial feature write-up in the body of the geographic edition in which the property is located.
  5. Each Participant is required to allow DS Publishing travel writers to stay in the selected vacation rental property complimentary for 7 to 15 days to make the review and prepare a write-up. Each writer will have an official Vacation Rental Guide Press Pass that they will present upon check-in to the properties. Once a property is booked for a travel writer, there will be no cancellations. Vacation Rental Travel Guide has incurred travel expenses when a property is booked. Should the property cancel its booking, a fee of $500 will be charged to your credit card immediately to offset costs that The Vacation Rental Travel Guide has incurred for any travel expenses, such as airplane ticket reservations,  or other transportation or scheduling arrangements made based on your reservations to host the travel writer.  All reviews are written and uploaded ON SITE. The more time you can give our travel writers to complete the review increases the chances that the review will be more thorough, exciting, and detailed.
  6. Each property selected for an editorial write-up will receive a  certificate which assures its being featured in the geographic edition in which that property is located. These properties will also receive an additional distinguished seal to display on their websites and promotional materials.
  7. Each Participant assures that their property has reliable Internet access, a clean and odor free environment with clean linen and towels. We cannot process your review without reliable internet access, as all reviews are completed ON SITE)
  8. Each Participant agrees to meet personally, or via the telephone, with the DS Publishing Travel Writer prior to, or at the time of their review. This meeting is to provide him/her with access information, plus a short interview to offer insights into the benefits of the property and details of the surrounding areas.
  9. All information, details and photos of the selected properties prepared by DS Publishing for use in the publication, plus all rights in perpetuity, belong to The Vacation Rental Travel Guide and DS Publishing.
  10. Property Manager and/or owner warrants that he/she has the authority to enter into this contract.
  11. DS Publishing’s editorial policy is “no negative reviews.”  If there is too much negativity with the reviewed property, it will be eliminated from consideration for a published write-up in the body of the book. In the rare case that this may occur, the advertising processing fee/participation fee will not be refunded. This will cover the cost of directory/category listing for each participating property.
  12. After all the reviews for a geographic edition are compiled and completed, only one property of all those reviewed and featured will be selected to be the most outstanding property in each geographical edition of The Vacation Rental Travel Guide. This particular property will be featured on the back cover of the book. The selection of this property will be at the discretion of the Vacation Rental Travel Guide editorial team.
  13. Refunds: We allow 30 days for a unconditional guarantee refund. Please write your sales agent directly to process your refund, or support@thevacationrentalguide.com directly. If you go through your credit card company our system is automatically set up to dispute refunds. However, if your property is reviewed, and ad or listing has been already published either in the printed version or on the website; and if you are using the gold seal on any of your promotional materials, a refund will not be processed.