Once you purchase your listing in the directory, your vacation rental properties become qualified to be selected and written up as a featured vacation rental home in the 1st Worldwide Vacation Rental Travel Guide! This is a unique and powerful vacation rental advertising and marketing opportunity for those who want to separate their properties from the VRBO crowd.

If selected, your vacation rental property will be featured in one or more of 10 categories  in a published physical book available from Earth’s Largest Bookstore,, and will include:

  • Photo and description of your property and surrounding sites

  • Your booking contact information  

  • Editorial article of the joys of vacationing at your property

  • Map of property location with highlighted local attractions

If not selected for a write up, the minimum benefits you will receive include:

  • Listing in the directory of the book (your booking phone number & website)

  • Official award certificate you may post at your vacation property location

  • Top Vacation Rental seal to be used in your promotional materials

  • Honor of claiming your property as seen in The Vacation Rental Travel Guide

From the properties selected, one property will be featured on the back book cover. It could be yours!

Our Travel Writers will be visiting your region in the near future to preview selected finalist properties. We would like arrange a time to for one of our travel writers to visit your property.

This first step is a powerful and unique vacation rental marketing opportunity. Separate your properties from the VRBO crowd by developing your own distinct strategies for vacation rental marketing and advertising.


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