Terms & Conditions for Hot Ad Links


I understand that as a vacation rental owner or property manager whose property has been reviewed I have been invited to have a URL link to my establishment added to the review of your property. As an owner of a local establishment mentioned in the review I understand that I have been invited to have the mention of my establishment linked to my website.

The URL that was placed in the application is the URL that VRTG will link your name mentioned to. I agree that if I need to change that link at any time during the year there will be an addtional $25 set up fee for changing the link.

You may contact VRTG through Contact Us to do so. I have submitted know that my URL will be active for one year. VRTG will email and call for my renewal of this link, and I will be given 10-day grace period before the link is deactiviated if no renewal is done.  You may go to hot ad links application to renew the link yourself.

This is advertising and there is no guarantee as to the amount of traffic that will come to your site, but we do expect a certain link juice benefit when like reviews and referrals are linked into your site. This will help increase your ranking and credibility in Google and other search engines.