India–Land of Extremes

Bob Travels to India The journey to India from the Dominican Republic spans two to three days, depending on flight connections. We decided to break the trip into three sections, prolonging our arrival in Rishikesh. In total, the journey lasted three days. Once in Delhi, we realized that our hotel didn’t accept check-ins after 10 pm. As it was close to 1 am, we needed to adjust. With bags in tow, we set off to find a taxi in hopes of securing a […] Read more »

VILLA PAPILIO-Seget Vranjica, Croatia, Europe

Out of the Blue Sky By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG It is always truly exciting, while simultaneously unnerving, to defy gravity. Every time I fly, it dawns on me that I have cheated the law of gravity. This tends to shake up my concept of reality. Perhaps this is what jet lag really is. The flight to Croatia not only defied gravity, but defied time as well. I landed six hours into the future when I arrived at the Split Airport just […] Read more »