The Hidden Four Season Paradise: Fernie, Canada

Fernie, Canada

Fernie Lodging Company By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG The world is filled with beautiful nature simply waiting for you to explore. However, if you seek forests, lakes, mountains, and above all, snow, we suggest you consider Canada. More specifically, mark the city of Fernie on your map. Hidden in the legendary Rocky Mountains, this part of British Columbia is a mountain paradise for all seasons. It is glorious through the summer festivals, and magical in the winter snow season. Sound tempting […] Read more »


Reconnect with the Wonders of Nature By Liz Manduca An Adventure Begins I flew from Portland, Maine to Seattle, Washington. Views from a plane are dramatically different in the winter. Rivers are stuffed with snow. Mountains resemble prehistoric creatures that could come alive to shake snow and clinging clouds off their long scaly backs. Like a child’s drawing, ski trails wriggle down mountainsides. Black and white are the only hues visible. A short hop from Seattle to Spokane, WA brought […] Read more »