Europe’s Best Kept Secret  By Lead Travel Writer, Renee Fontaine .     “Some secrets are too delicious not to share.” —Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay . I love a “good” secret — like expecting surprises or hidden treasures. Some secrets we encounter without intention such as receiving surreptitious news from a good friend. Others, we stumble across in our path through life when we least expect to find them. Some secrets are to be kept at the holder’s request, shared when the time is […] Read more »

VILLA PAPILIO-Seget Vranjica, Croatia, Europe

Out of the Blue Sky By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG It is always truly exciting, while simultaneously unnerving, to defy gravity. Every time I fly, it dawns on me that I have cheated the law of gravity. This tends to shake up my concept of reality. Perhaps this is what jet lag really is. The flight to Croatia not only defied gravity, but defied time as well. I landed six hours into the future when I arrived at the Split Airport just […] Read more »