Escape Reality to St. Simons Island, Georgia!

Real Escapes Properties on St. Simons Island, Georgia

St. Simons Island, GAWhat if you could escape to another reality? If so, consider VRTG Blue Golden Sealchoosing a reality of endless beaches, nature trails, historical landmarks, and delicious dining—all to satisfy your vision of a dreamy vacation. If you enjoy sunset walks, art galleries, leisurely shopping, golfing, boating, and countless other adventures, your destination must be St. Simons Island. Located off the Georgia coast this breathtaking barrier island is a hotspot for history buffs, romantics, and those seeking a peaceful beach getaway. Furthermore, St. Simons Island is also home to Real Escapes Properties. Real Escapes Properties notably lives by the motto–“You already have a friend on the Island.” 

Personal Care and Southern Luxury

Real Escapes Properties is a family owned business with privately managed rentals. Additionally, the staff works personally with each guest to ensure high-quality services. Obviously, Real Escapes Properties represents a variety of housing—helping vacationers to match with their ideal home. Notably, properties include luxury houses, extravagant condos, and cozy cottages scattered around the island. The fully equipped rentals come with a variety of private amenities including pools, and garages. Moreover, the houses are outstanding for families with pets. Plus, some rentals offer entertainment on the spot. For example, they offer free bikes, beach equipment, and tickets. Keep active and stress-free when visiting St. Simons Island.

Highlights of St. Simons Island

St. Simons Island, Georgia

White Lighthouse on St Simons Island, Georgia

While Real Escapes Properties provide typical warm southern hospitality, kind-heartedness is also prevalent among the people of St. Simons Island. Therefore, visitors may expect smiling locals with a calm feeling, blended with happy laughter. However, pristine beaches will be the first thing you see. St. Simons Island is known for gorgeous sands and warm waters—a great choice for children. Obviously, the shoreline offers a range of beach activities. Beach fun offers kite surfing, kayaking swimming with dolphins and sea turtles. However, fishing, golfing, biking, and hiking remain popular activities. Also, St. Simons Island is rich in historical landmarks. Lastly, learn more about the Islands’ history and culture at the St. Simons Island Lighthouse Museum. With vast hidden underwater treasures, visitors to the island have yet to uncover all of its secrets.

Property listings can be seen in the Family Focused Niche.

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