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By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG

Florida is popularly known as a destination for Spring Break beaches in Orlando and Miami. However, sixteen tiny beach towns cluster to form the elegant, yet lively South Walton Beach area. This lesser-known Floridian paradise showcases luxurious and friendly communities which offer many outside endeavors. Enjoy the vista of miles of pristine crystal-clear waters splashing on sugar-like sand. Furthermore, lines of boutique stores, world-class dining, expert golf courses, and endless scenic hiking trails are nearby. Get your pen ready to check off everything you want for your next vacation.

Beach & Fun Time–Top Vacation Rentals in South Walton, Florida

For Walton Beach in the Panhandle of Florida

Oversee is a locally owned and run rental company operating along the luxurious, yet quaint, famous Florida Gulf Coast. Founded in 2011, Oversee established itself within the tight-knit communities of South Walton. Now, the flourishing company happily hosts dozens of rentals. From various condominiums, duplexes, triplexes, to private homes, Oversee offers an abundance of family-friendly and group-friendly homes. Also, the magnificent Shores Fun Villa, for example, can sleep up to 22 people.

Additionally, homes offer carefully stocked kitchens, fully furnished, and designed with outstanding decor, and a variety of amenities. While, South Walter definitely checks off a destination with a small-town feel, pristine beaches, and friendly atmosphere so does Oversee. You will be just steps away from your own private beach access, a secure, and safe community as well as many activities right outside your doorstep.

Salty Days

Almost all beach vacations offer wonderful water activities. However, the epic snorkeling, surfing, wake boarding, and fishing opportunities can only entertain for so long. Yet, South Walton provides a solution. When you take a break from the salty air, your number one stop could be lines of boutiques. Northwest Florida compiles a promising list of stores for both adults and children. Furthermore, amazing playgrounds, camps, festivals, and state parks sprinkle across the area. Of course, with kid-friendly options in all. Camp RYNO, for example, is a children’s camp for surfers, while Fired Up brings uniqueness with their pottery studio.

Explore, the Scenic Highway 30A’s 19-mile bike path with a perfect view of the rare coastal dune lakes. Indeed, take advantage of golf courses, rock climbing, zip lines, and magic shows. South Walton is full of surprises, excitement, and class. Last but not least, sit down and enjoy a sunset dinner with a fine wine, and quality cuisine.

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