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Garrett Realty Services--South Walton, FLAncient and Eco-Friendly South Walton, FL

By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG

Have you ever wondered what made the glistening white sand beaches of South Walton, FL? Well, millions of years ago, as the Appalachian Mountains eroded, quartz particles trickled down into the nearby streams. Then, these particles made their way into the Gulf of Mexico. Consequently, by the power of water, the quartz pieces broke down into smooth, sugar-like bits. Thus, this process created the crystalline white sands that make the water as blue as the sky. Pretty interesting, right?

Cultural Influences in South Walton, FL

Sea Turtles in Fort Walton, FL>

Sea Turtles is a protected species in Fort Walton, FL

Then, over the years, the beach areas were touched by a variety of cultural influences. From English, Spanish, French, to Native American—each group sought to honor their own traditions. However, it was not these cultures who made South Walton so attractive but, it was nature itself. In fact, instead of stripping the land’s treasures, the locals chose to live in harmony with nature. Consequently, this led to the rise of one of Florida’s most sustainable and unspoiled destinations.

Now, almost half of South Walton’s 56,000 acres is made up of natural reserves. South Walton is home to 15 coastal dune lakes and Longleaf pine forestlands—both rare features worldwide. Because of the large scenic area, South Walton has become a hiking paradise. Indeed, these areas are home to many endangered species including the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker and the Gopher Tortoise. Keep in mind, the locals also consider sea turtles sacred animals. South Walton even holds a Turtle Watch Program to be sure baby sea turtles make it safely into the sea.

Garrett Realty Services in South Walton, FL

Do you want to enjoy the beautiful Earthly creation of South Walton? If so, seek out one of the most respected and the original vacation rental agencies in the area—Garrett Realty Services. Founded April 1987, Marie Garrett and Julia Arthur manage over 300 high-value vacation homes. Ranging from the Blue Mountains, Seagrove Beach, Inlet Beach, Seaside, Seacrest, and Rosemary Beach, Garrett Realty knows South Walton. Find your dream condo or home near the gulf or by a pool. You also have a choice between luxurious or old-Florida style homes. Amenities include elevators, pet-friendly properties, tennis courts, jacuzzi, and grills. Garrett Realty is known for top-notch guest services and an outstanding, 24/7 management team. All in all, let a little piece of paradise invade your mind—and entice you to vacation in South Walton, FL.

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