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Ali'i Resorts in Maui, HawaiiThe Journey to Finding Your Rental Starts in South Maui Island

By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG

So many aspects come into play when doing a vacation rental home search. To begin with, one key thing to consider is the background and wisdom of your vacation rental expert. Knowing this, how would you like to lean on the 60 years’ worth of expertise at Ali’i Resorts? So, why not enjoy the benefits of a reputable company with upscale service, wisdom, including top properties? Ali’i Resorts strives for their guests’ comfort by finding them the ideal vacation home. Try browsing through over 160 ocean view condos in a gated community with top-notch furniture. Plus, this agency includes concierge services as well. At this point, you might be wondering where AR is located. Indeed, AR’s is set in the famous, popular South Maui.

Ali’i Resorts in South Maui Island, Hawaii

South Maui Island beautiful cliffs and coast

Maui Tropical Cliff Coast.

Discover beautiful South Maui, Hawaii by staying in one of AR’s oceanfront, luxury vacation rentals. This agency brings you a world-class tropical getaway with stunning sunset villas. In fact, Maui offers about 30 miles of beach. These beaches exude water activities, romantic walks, and sunbathing. Swim with dolphins, sea turtles, and even manta rays right outside of your vacation home. Furthermore, be sure to explore the reefs through scuba diving and snorkeling. Or, just hop on a surfboard, kayak, and paddleboard. You will see that the Hawaiian ocean is full of love and life.

A Magical World in South Maui

Nevertheless, we hope you do not forget to try the many special things to do on land, in Maui, as well. AR invites you the center of nature’s wonders in Hawaii. Indeed, you may pursue certain adventure and rappel down waterfalls, hike the trails, bike through forests, or spot the unique flora and fauna while on horseback. Moreover, indulge in local helicopter rides, spas, golf courses, and of course, the nightlife. AR offers ideal places to stay for families, couples, and solos looking to enjoy the stunning getaway that Maui offers. For sure, you must not miss being part of a true Hawaiian adventure—so, hang onto your lei, and bring it to the next luau.

Lastly, see a few of AR’s listings at the Super Romantic Niche.

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