Family Treasures at Secluded Sea Islands, SC

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By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG

Are you looking for a secluded island getaway for your next vacation? The Sea Islands of South Carolina are proud to attract families and beach lovers year after year. Each barrier island expresses a unique personality and charm. Therefore, the isolated beauty of these islands brands them as enchanting and enduring. Harbor Island, for example, is a 1400-acre barrier island, 15 miles outside of Beaufort City. Famous for their serene, picturesque sand dunes, the private beaches are spectacular! Furthermore, Harbor Island offers a gated community with outdoor pools and tennis courts. Nature loving visitors can indulge in Harbor Island’s wildlife which features egrets, herons, horseshoe crabs, and dolphins.

The Individual Islands

Sea Islands, NC

Enjoy the Allure of the Sea Islands Coast in South Carolina.

On the other hand, Fripp Island is a large, 3,000-acre barrier island, 19 miles east of Beaufort. Most likely Fripp Island was named in recognition of the English Captain, Johannes Fripp. As a result, legend has it Captain Fripp stored away hidden treasures somewhere on the island. Aside from treasure hunting, Fripp Island also offers a wildlife sanctuary, golfing, kayaking, and biking. In addition, you may find child-friendly activities and excellent shopping. Fripp Island is also favored for its local seafood.

Saint Helena Island is the largest of South Carolina’s Sea Islands. Consequently, this particular island has grown rich in history over the years. Saint Helen’s Island hosts Penn Center—the first school for freed slaves in the South. Penn Center is, at present, a museum and educational center. Originally, Saint Helena Island’s early population formed as a blend of Native Americans and slaves who planted and harvested crops. Notably, the mix of their roots brought about the Gullah culture which remains on the Island today. Undoubtedly, Saint Helens Island provides much for discovery.

Seaside Getaways by Natural Retreats: Sea Islands of South Carolina

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