Discover the Art & Heart of Santa Fe, NM

Two Casitas in Santa Fe, New MexicoSanta Fe’s Two Casitas is Near Arts, Culture, and Nature

By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG

If you hold an appreciation for the arts, Santa Fe might be your next vacation destination. Just think of it–a million visitors a year cannot be wrong! Indeed, have you wondered why you are not there already? Explore the heart of New Mexico with a culture so passionate you will constantly be reminded that you are not in a classic USA town. Santa Fe’s distinctive adobe architecture showcases the city’s history with its blend of Spanish as well as Native American experiences. Therefore, visitors to Santa Fe will discover authentic Southwest adventure.

Welcome to Santa Fe

Native American Welcome Style

Unquestionably, a popular center for arts and culture, Santa Fe ranks as USA’s third largest art market. Therefore, if you love art, you will want to explore some of the 300 galleries and dealers in the area. Indeed, with the third largest State Museum organization in the United States, this city’s honors cultural and historic traditions of the southwest and the world. Notably, with the Sangre de Cristo Mountains as nature’s artistic, dramatic, and colorful backdrop, the world-class Santa Fe Opera entertains with it top-notch performing arts venue.

Nature Loving and Pet-Friendly

Santa Fe is a unique town, and demonstrates a high degree of sensitivity to nature. Obviously, pets are included in that thoughtfulness.

Santa Fe Loves Pets–And Does Two Casitas!

In addition, Miles, a friendly Santa Fe Dog, has a message for pets about their vacation options in Santa Fe:

“Everyone in Santa Fe loves me. I’m a good-looking guy, a handsome, fluffy, white, Golden-doodle. My name is Miles. People admire me from afar, or if they’re lucky enough to get close, they pet me on the head and give me a smile. They talk to me in reverent tones. In other words, everyone in Santa Fe, whether they live here or they’re visiting, love dogs. It’s one of the most dog-friendly cities in the USA!

Beg your human to bring you and beg for a stay in a Two Casitas vacation rental. Even better than the home and the yard, is the walk where you lead the humans to the hottest venues in Santa Fe–the Plaza in the town’s center, Canyon Road (where you’ll meet all sorts of fancy dogs), and the Railyard where you can bark at the Railrunner as it leaves the station.“

Santa Fe Adobe buildings with beautiful sky

Adobe Building in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Two Casitas Vacation Rentals Offers Top Vacation Rentals in Santa Fe

The age-old adage–location, location, location … also applies to the Las Casitas Vacation Rental Agency. Obviously, Two Casitas offers a selection of exquisite lodging options. Tucked away in the city’s most tranquil residential streets, Two Casitas’ vacation homes are strategically situated. Because of this, you’ll be able to explore beautiful Santa Fe on foot.

Would you like a century-old home or perhaps even a contemporary southwestern style home? Two Casitas offers unique places to stay to suit all your needs and tastes. Choose one, and enjoy being within walking distance to all Santa Fe has to offer. Furthermore, Santa Fe presents enchanting, rich, and breathtaking vistas. Notably, you may enjoy award-winning cuisine, world-class art, unique shopping, excellent museums, and cultural heritage. Finally, the last question really is: where will you and your pet be staying?

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