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For the month of September through October, Travel Writer Emily Yurcheshen will be writing vacation rental reviews of outstanding vacation rentals in the Santa Barbara, CA area. From now until September 31, you will receive a free listing in and an ad link from your property review to the listing. The deadline for this offer is Sept 31, 2014. Get your property in a vacation rental guide our property will be listed and qualified for review in the 2015 American Edition or 2015 Santa Barbara Edition or both.

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Get your Vacation Rental SEEN in an International Travel Guide! Just $99 per year gets your property this “as seen in” seal; and listed in the VRTG Directory.  Additionally, we are running a promotion which includes a $199 per year property listing in and an ad link to the listing, a total value of $443 for just $99! Apply for your listing using the application form below. The Vacation Rental Travel Guide lists your property these THREE WAYS–

  1. online at the VRTG website.
  2. four-color hyper-linked digital version.
  3. published version (Amazon International).

    How Can My Property be Selected for Review in our Vacation Rental Guide?

    Once your properties are listed, they qualify for a 2000-word feature article published in the body of The Vacation Rental Travel Guide!  (See Live Reviews). Live reviews are published ONLINE, in the PHYSICAL GUIDE, and in the DIGITAL VERSION of The Vacation Rental Travel Guide. Link from  your listing to VRTG live reviews for powerful third-party validation! Since VRTG writers actually travel to stay in the vacation homes, guests will know your vacation rental is real. This provides valuable verification for potential guests, as the vacation rental business has recently been hit with vacation rental scams. 

No Negative Reviews/Articles The Vacation Rental Travel Guide is not a “white glove” publication. Each vacation rental is unique and cannot be rated by hotel industry standards. We select properties to be featured in the body of the book based on category, location, and other factors. To be invited for a write-up, the vacation rental must have working Internet and availability for our travel writers at the time VRTG is in the area. Our publication is full of fun and happy vacation rental experiences. If Although this has never happened, if the travel writer in good conscience is not able to write a positive review, it will not be published. There is no risk to you. Simply apply for a directory listing below, only $49 per listing. 

How Much Exposure Does My Directory Listing Get?

Directory listings receive the following exposure:AMAZONLOGO

 Number 1Your directory listing will be in selected categories listed in the printed book on “Earth’s Largest Bookstore,” Amazon Books USA and Amazon Books International.

Number 2For a limited time, your directory listing will also be included in the four-color digital flip version to be promoted through Find Rentals to their 160,000 subscribers.

Number 3

If your property is  also selected for a review, it will be featured on the VRTG website and in selected editions of the published VRTG book.


  • Fill out the following form completely to allow 100% accuracy within your listing. Additionally, if your property is selected for a review and a featured write up, we will also have all the information needed to include your property in the body of the book.

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