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If you are or have been a real estate agent,  and want to leverage your contacts you may want to apply to be a Referral Scout for The Vacation Rental Travel Guide. You will help identify outstanding vacation rental properties, and then make a referral to VRTG. This does not mean they will get selected for a review in the book; but they will be contacted by our agents with further detailed information about how they can be a part of The Vacation Rental Travel Guide. There are many ways vacation rental property owners and managers can participate with VRTG to leverage publicity and visibility of their vacation rental properties.

As a VRTG Referral Scout, you are an independent agent and you will earn 10% of any sale made to  any client  you refer to VRTG. You open the door for VRTG; and make connections.  We pass your referral to an in-house ad agent to actively pursue. With 5 sales opportunities per client, this can mean ongoing referral income for 1 year following the initial referral with the following sales opportunities:

1. Directory Listings: Listing in the directory in the specialized marketing categories.
2. Hot Ad Links: If their property is reviewed they can buy a hot ad link in the online review
3. Display Advertising: Property owners, managers, or establishments may purchase a display ad in the book.
4. Plaques: We offer official VRTG plaques to individual property owners/managers once the book is pubished.
5. Books: They may purchase a volume of books at a wholesale price to market to guests, as well as place in their vacation rental home, as a way of promoting their other properties reviewed in the book, or other properties reviewed in the book. An exclusive VRTG community, co-promoting those in this network will lead to positive marketing results for all concerned.



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