Paradise for Large Groups—Pocono Mountains, PA

Mary Enck Realty in the Pocono Mountains of PennsylvaniaHave You Heard of the Pocono Mountains?

By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG

Although tropical vacations are common and popular, they can be boring for some. However, this is not the case for vacation areas blessed with all four seasons. Each season brings something new, something lively, and something fresh. Therefore, if you love the mountains, and seek an ideal vacation spot—you need to look no further than the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania. This exciting and popular vacation spot is nature’s paradise, but never lacks in cultural and indoor activities. Indeed, the Poconos Mountains area covers roughly 2,400 square miles of lush woods, rivers, and lakes. Yet, the area also includes warm sandy beaches and quaint towns.

Take a retreat in Poconos Mountains, PA

Outdoor-Lovers Paradise in the Poconos Mountains

As mentioned before, the Poconos Mountains features nature that comes alive in all the seasons. With every season comes a new view and new options. From hiking, rafting, kayaking, and fishing to skiing, and snowboarding—Pennsylvania covers them all. For culture, explore the events, attend the local concerts, and learn history at the museums. Do you love to shop? Furthermore, the Poconos Mountains region also presents many outlet stores and boutiques as well as a plethora of dining options and tasty brews.

Mary Enck Realty in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania

Mary Enck Realty (MER) offers rental homes for those who value a serene woodland getaway. MER is quite useful for a large group as all their homes host at least four guests. Bring your entire extended family, church, or yoga class. Each rental home is also fully furnished with many amenities including Jacuzzi’s, grills, and private docks, and more. In fact, the local community includes a few tennis courts, as well as basketball and volleyball courts, game rooms, clubhouses, and many other facilities.

For outdoor fun, you may also enjoy all the nearby lakes, beaches, and pools. Furthermore, the MER staff is more than happy to help you with any personal requests or questions. With their vast ability, they can guide you to book the best vacation rental home. Also, MER will help you to plan for fun things to do upon your arrival. Yet, the question remains, have you started packing yet?

Lastly, see a few of MER’s listings in the Retreat & Events Niche.

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