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By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG

Every large family or group needs a getaway at times and we think the Pocono Mountains just might fit the bill. So, if you are in the east coast area, why not spend some of your ‘off’ time at one of America’s “Best Inclusive Family Resorts” in the Pocono Mountains? In fact, why not invite friends, family, or a special group to create a few special memories? This is what Woodloch Pines Resort is all about—to bring people together to make vacation memories in the Poconos Mountains.

Located in the Poconos Mountains, Pennsylvaniapocono mountains in pennsylvania Vrtg

The Pocono Mountains, often called The Poconos, is a region in NE Pennsylvania that forms a 2,400-square-mile area. The wooded hills and valleys are a popular recreation and vacation area with those who live in the nearby areas. The Poconos Mountains are just a two-hour drive for millions of area residents from New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and of course, Pennsylvania.

Due to nearly 60 years of resort background, WPR has perfected their packages. Their all-inclusive service includes meals and activities, Therefore, the burden with carrying and dealing with money is quite simplified. After all, who does not enjoy fine accommodations, family style mouth-watering meals, along with unique, traditional family bonding activities? Therefore, WPR invites its guests to light in this famous spot with its pristine views of the Pocono Mountains. Now, are you ready to learn of all the sweet activities that will be yours for the taking, when you book with WPR?

Endless Family Fun in the Pocono Mountains

The Woodloch Experience Bracelet is will be a useful item on your vacation. The ID bracelet is your fast and easy entry to more than 30 special activities at WPR. We are not able to list all the many fun activities offered by this family owned agency. However, we will share a small sampling here. They include horseback riding, archery, family feud, cooking classes, bar games, and Winter Olympics. Furthermore, the activities may include bowling, pools, go-carts, bumper cars, climbing walls, nature trails, and fitness. Finally, WPR even offers wine tasting, paintball, as well as zip lines. Sounds inviting, does it not? There’s more to tell. So, read on to know more details.

vacation rental and resorts in the pocono mountains in pennsyvaniaWoodloch Pines Resort in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania

But what else can we tell about the WPR resort homes? WPR offers resort units which include the Classic Standard, the Deluxe Lakeview, and the Edgewater Suites. Of course, each place is nicely decorated; and WPR offers you a sweet choice of various floor plans. Thus, WPR makes it easy for you to find the best match for your family or group getaway. In addition, each place is fully furnished with TVs, basic amenities, balconies, and extra guest beds. Lastly, you are invited to ask for more info to plan your next family or group getaway. Remember, where you desire family bonding, events, and activities, WPR is ready to serve and impress.

 To see  and read more about WPR– they list a few of their homes in the Family Focused Niche.

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