The New Nantucket is Plum Island Beach, MA

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By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG

If you have ever heard of Nantucket, Massachusetts you might know it is a vacation favorite. However, known for breathtaking sights, cruises, shopping, dining, and blissful activities, the downside of a popular town is the constant crowd of tourists. Notably, Nantucket is not the only charming town in Massachusetts. Introducing, the “next Nantucket”– Plum Island Beach is a charismatic New England town with no busy crowds, traffic, but with countless entertainment opportunities. The seven-mile island beach was voted one of American’s best beaches, yet remains a hidden treasure. additionally, with all of its charms, Plum Island Beach is blessed to be the home to Plum Island Beach Rentals.

Plum Island Beach Rentals offer you the ultimate resource to plan your entire vacation. Starting with the choice of your single family home, renting from PIBR makes everything simple and straight to the point. No fumbling around countless phone calls, you book your vacation home, you plan your days, and book your activities. Plum Island Beach Rentals family homes represent the quaint simplicity of the company. Choose from a variety of rooms while the cleanliness, spectacular location, and amenities remain consistent. PIBR also accommodates special events and needs including weddings.

Massachusetts Sunsets

Plum Island, Massachusetts

Plum Island Beach from Sandy Point at Low Tide.

Plum Island itself is split between Newburyport, Newbury, Rowley, and Ipswich. The barrier island is located off the northern coast of Massachusetts and welcome visitors no matter the season. Newburyport is the oldest, most historic seaport. The town is ultimately the one dubbed as the “the next Nantucket”. Nevertheless, the opportunities for fine dining, entertainment, shopping, and culture range throughout the entire Island.

Surrounded by water, sports enthusiasts favor kayaking in this area. Although sailing, surfing and whale watching are popular choices, the Island is also well-known for outstanding fishing spots. Whether you fish from a boat or the beach, the catch of the day will be fantastic. Most Plum Island Beach Rentals are also walking distance from the beach, therefore providing plenty of opportunities for fun.

Additionally, other inland attractions include the delicious dining. PIBL suggests Quirky Mad Martha’s and Plum Island Grille. However, the beach is not the only place to relax, either. Indeed, Plum Island is home to some excellent spas for you and your pets as well. Furthermore, the Island attracts bird watchers all over the world. Lastly, be sure to watch as the birds migrate to Plum Island seeking and enjoying their new freedom.

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