Desert Paradise in Palm Springs

Golf and Tennis Realty in Palm Springs, CaliforniaVRTG Blue Golden SealAn Unforgettable Desert Vacation

By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG

Palm Springs, California: the place to go for an easy-going vacation. Are spa treatments, glasses of  fine wine, and relaxing pool days calling your name? If that is the case, Palm Springs provides outstanding opportunities to unwind under its all year sunshine. However, despite this area’s calm atmosphere Palm Springs is far from boring. Surrounded by Coachella Valley, Palm Springs offers canyon hikes, cross-country skiing, world-class golf, horseback riding, and outstanding shopping. And now, with the help of the well-established Golf and Tennis Realty, you can experience the magic of Palm Springs with a weekend getaway, as well. Embrace the dramatic desert lifestyle.

Golf and Tennis Realty in Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs, CA

Beautiful Landscape View of Palm Springs and Chino Canyon

Desert vacations with Golf and Tennis Realty are far from deserted. Swoon-worthy condos, homes, and villas line up for your chosing in southern California. Pick from one to three bedrooms, fully furnished kitchens, private pools, community courts, and high-speed Internet. Other amenities include a washer and dryer, linens, air-conditions, pet-friendliness, and outdoor decks. Obviously, Golf and Tennis Realty properties are beautifully packaged with easy access to local options. Plus, as the name suggests, Golf and Tennis Realty opens out to the Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort, as well as many other golf courses. After a few rounds of golf, are you ready to explore secrets of the Cahuilla Indians’ ancestral homeland?

Discover the Desert in Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree Near Palm Springs, CA

Sunset at Joshua Tree National Park

Palm Springs offers balance between adventure and relaxation. Just a two-hours’ drive from Los Angeles, Palm Springs unfolds to the warm California sunshine. However, while Los Angeles is sometimes overcrowded with tourists, Palm Springs maintains a pleasant, village-like demeanor. The quiet lifestyle is key to the city’s character. Thus, streets are lined with fine dining options; as well as a beautiful art culture. Theaters such as the Palm Canyon Theater and the Annenberg Theater rotate between comedy, classical, jazz, and dance performances. On the other hand, the Palm Springs Art Museum exhibits high-quality art. Then, also, plan to take a wine tasting trip to the Temecula Wine County.

Venturing deeper into the spirit of Palm Springs, you will find thrilling outdoor activities for all–including pets. For example, the Palm Springs Dog Park spreads across 1.6 acres of grass, with picnic tables, and playgrounds 24/7. In addition, take children to the Living Desert Zoo and Botanical garden for desert education. The exhibit includes 450 wild animals, hiking trails, children’s rides, and live animal shows. On the other hand, golf lovers can tee-off at the premier Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort by Golf and Tennis Realty. Nevertheless, over 100 prized golf courses are scattered around Coachella Valley. Lastly, Palm Springs is also ideal for biking and canyon hiking across the Agua Caliente tribal land or the Tahquitz Canyon Trail. And also, do not miss the famous Joshua Tree National Park for the ultimate in high desert scenery. Explore “high” and “low” deserts, fascinating wildlife, and undiscovered myths of ancient lands.

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