America’s Greatest Family Resort–Ocean City, NJ

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By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG

Nestled along the New Jersey coastline, Ocean City was originally the home of whale-processing factories. Today, Ocean City has played host to the first vacationers of the early twentieth century. Alluring guests with beaches, community, and soulful history, Ocean City has redefined the meaning of resort. Notably, no thought of as America’s Greatest Family Resort, Ocean City, New Jersey stands as a major vacation spot on the East Coast. Marr Agency in Ocean City has warmly welcomed guests since 1964.

Welcome to Your Vacation Home in Ocean City, New Jersey

Vacation Rental Guide Featured Property Managers in Ocean City, New Jersey

Benches and Houses in Ocean City, New Jersey.

Marr Agency represents the core foundations it was built on decades ago by the Marr Family. It was built on honesty, integrity, and the importance of customers. With this in the mind, the company operates as if they are a large family. Thus, creating a safe and comfortable environment that combined with Marr Agency’s choice of rentals is the ingredient to their success. Each condo, apartment, and house are maintained with a variety of prices and amenities. From roof decks, garages, elevators, and storage areas, to single bedrooms and pristine villas. The Marr Agency staff is on duty to help you decide, rent, and even buy a house to through one of the oldest real estate companies on the island.

From Bikes to Boardwalk

So what makes Ocean City special? For starters, the beaches are stunningly beautiful. Roll out a towel for sunbathing, while soaking up the sun and sound of the rolling waves, or just play around in the sand. Secondly, with the water nearby, you can grab a kayak or a paddle board; to go out for a salty adventure. Or if you prefer, watch as other whiz across the sea on sailboats and speedboats on your own boat.

The outdoors type might enjoy options to ride bikes for transportation and take in the stunning view of the city. Notably, the Crooked Horn Creek Nature Trail–about half hour to forty minutes. Also, be sure to bring the sunscreen and bug spray. Bike, hike or walk to enjoy the sunset over the bay. On the other hand, Corson’s Inlet State Park is ideal for boating, fishing, hiking, and sunbathing as well.

On land, experiences must include strolling down the boardwalk. If you want an excuse to escape your cozy rental, think of tasting the best frozen custard at Kohr Bros or Shriver’s famous fudge and taffy. Indeed, before you feel guilty for eating such delicious treats, remember, you can burn the calories. Just walk further down the boardwalk for souvenir shopping, or take a trip to Ocean City’s Asbury Avenue shopping district. Brush off the sand and stop by Downtown Ocean City–where you will find over 100 shops and cafes. Lastly, you might buy some souvenir gifts to help remember your relaxing time at Ocean City.

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