New York City: Lavish Yourself in City of Dreams

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By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG

Welcome to the Lauren Berger Collection. Sounds very exclusive–does it not? Well, they certainly are. The Lauren Berger Collection is an agency that offers luxury residencies in New York City, Connecticut, The Hamptons; and hundreds of exclusive properties worldwide. Surprisingly, you may even rent a yacht! With twenty plus years of hospitality experience under their wing, the agency’s main strengths are outstanding service, excellent amenities, and breathtaking real estate. Primarily, their focus is to offer lavish, exclusive luxurious rentals.

The LB staff is well-tuned to the needs and the wants of the guests renting Lauren’s high-end properties. Many of the staff members have worked with Lauren Berger for years. Therefore, they do know how to accent the family feel of the rental homes. Consequently, Lauren Berger guests feel very much at home, cozy, and comfortable. The Lauren Berger Collection is also known to treat their guests with great respect and anticipate and attend to their needs quickly. On the other hand, the accommodations are just as spectacular as the service. LBC has worked hard over the years to make their residencies luxurious, and located in extravagant environments.

Your Fairytale Wedding or Family Reunion

New York City Skyline, Vacation Rental Travel Guide

A Wide Angle View of New York City

The Lauren Berger Collection is not only expert in short-term rentals, but in hosting special events as well. Are you looking for a super romantic trip with that special person? Take a look at the Jumeirah Essex House near Central Park in New York City. Essex House is one of the many gorgeous homes which offers rich touches of architecture and high quality amenities. However, if you desire an even larger space for family reunions and corporate retreats, LBC offers well furnished homes which are more spacious. Some locations include Eastchester, New Rochelle, and Greenwich. And, if you love to golf–keep in mind that Greenwich is near the famous Greenwich Golf Club.

Furthermore, the LBC hosts other events such as weddings in the awe-inspiring Hampton area. The Lauren Berger Hampton houses are so stunning that one of the homes was published in a Vogue Magazine! Indeed, with over 18 elite properties, the Lauren Berger Collection offers choices–each as luxurious and unique as all the rest.

Walk Down the Big Apple

Staying in what many travel savvy folks call the “Capital of the World,” the options for entertainment, activities, and adventure are quite endless. New York City is the home to many famous landmarks. These include the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Along the streets, you will be drawn to the enticing smells and sights of extravagant and unique restaurants and stores. For fun, you could make it your goal to dine in a new restaurant each day–because of all the choices in eateries.

In addition, the other places that you may want to explore are the Bronx Zoo, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Skyscraper Museum, and Chinatown. In addition, most of the sites are within walking distance of the Lauren Berger Properties; or are easily accessed via public transportation. And, be sure to check out Broadway, and all the little  theaters for a live show. Also, New York City has a nightlife you do not want to miss. Once you are settled, refer to the Lauren Berger Collection Website for the best advice on where to go in your rental area. Indeed, they would love to help you plan and enjoy an unforgettable vacation! 

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