VACATION RENTAL HOMES: 25% Less than Hotel Rooms


The Vacation Rental Guide: Preview Edition

Preview Edition of The Vacation Rental Guide to be Released Summer 2016

Compiled by Deborah S. Nelson

June 7, 2015–DS Publishing announced today the release of the newest edition of The Vacation Rental Travel Guide. With the vacation rental industry growing in a down economy, the market is set to surge even more as economy vitality returns. With vacation rental homes on average priced at 25% less than the equivalent hotel rooms (measured by beds), many travelers have shifted their way of vacationing.

This Preview Edition will give travelers a sampler taste of what the coming editions will be like. The edition will include in-depth, on the spot experiential reviews from all over the world, including France, Croatia, Manhattan, Santa Barbara and Hawaii.

Initial feedback from LIVE REVIEWS, which are VRTG Vacation Rental Reviews published online has been extraordinary. Many people who read the articles comment that they feel like they are right there while reading. Others have made comments such as one reader, Steve Reed, who writes:

“This article is so inspiring that my summer plans have been re-written to include a trip to this so-close-to San Francisco hidden jewel. With Clearlake being the largest fresh water lake that rests entirely within California and with it being so much closer than the lake in Tahoe, what could be better than to rest, relax and regenerate in such a pristine environment. I can’t wait.”

And another seasoned traveler, Dan Erlich of Fort Walton, Florida writes,

“Incredible enthusiasm shows through in all of your writings. Not dry and travelogue-y at all. Every time I read something of yours it makes me want to drop what I’m doing and go there.”

VRTG will offer “The Preview Edition” with unlimited distribution rights to selected advertisers and property owners  for a limited time. The published edition will be available on for an extremely reduced price from the list price of $29.95. If you are in the hospitality or travel industry and need more information go to advertising or contact us. If you are a traveler and would like a free copy of the digital version, click the button.

VRTG EUROPEAN EDITION and UNITED STATES & CA will be released in the Fall of 2014 to be followed by The Croatia Edition in early 2015.

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