Making Vacation Rental Property Reviews KICK BUTT!

Five Tips for Marketing & Leveraging Vacation Rental Reviews!

Congratulations for being selected as a FinalistMarketing, advertising, and publicity is a symphony of positive exposures. As a property owner/manager, you may want to reap benefits with a vacation rental review published in The Vacation Rental Travel Guide. How you leverage the review determines benefits yielded. Vacationers have written noting that they have booked a certain property because of the review they read on our site. Yet, we do not guarantee bookings or inquiries. We suggest you use the gold seal and review as a booking tool. In the end, it is you who closes bookings. Here some benefits that you can wield:

  1. CREDIBILITY: From your property listing (and emails), include the VRTG GOLD SEAL and link to the review on the Vacation Rental Travel Guide Website. Say, “Please see the professional review written in The Vacation Rental Travel Guide about this property.” This accomplishes three things. This sends them away from the competition;  engages them in more detail about your property, and creates an edge for your property over other booking choices. They know someone has been there, and it is a real property. No scam on this one for sure!
  2. GOOGLE SEARCH POWER: We link from your review to your directory listing or website. This offers your website or directory listing a relevant CITATION LINK which Google recognizes as having authority. Combined with social media postings, when travelers search your property or property management website climbs higher in search engine results.
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZPost your review to social media, and invite people to read the review. Increase social media awareness of your property and your property management company while reminding them of the excellence that your company provides. They might book something else from your company, if the one reviewed is not appropriate.
  4. BRAGGING RIGHTS: The review gives you a chance to remind those in your professional and social circles that you are progressing. Brag. When the travel guide is published, give an open house or cocktail party, and invite business associates, friends, and family to celebrate. You might get a booking at that event! Who knows, right? And people talk.
  5. MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES: When the travel guide is published, you may to buy them at a discount. The digital book is also posted for free on the VRTG site. Our property owners agree to place travel guide in their properties to gain exposure to this highly specialized audience who reads the travel guide while staying in other VRTG properties.

 FREE VACATION RENTAL GUIDE: We offer a FREE DIGITAL VERSION of the Vacation Rental Travel Guide, which you may share with guests or social media!

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