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By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG

Does a vacation along the white sand coastlines of the Caribbean sound tempting? Would you like to delve into European culture? Visit Hawaiian tropics or Mexico? The world has many stunning vacation spots to explore. Therefore, it might be hard to pick just one. However, Luxurious Destinations wants to explain that you do not need to limit yourself. If luxury is your top priority, meet the company who specializes in extravagant homes worldwide. Allow them to guide you through a dazzling holiday.

Relax on the sunset beaches of Maui, Kauai, and Oahu in Hawaii. Perhaps sip on cocktails in the glorious Mexican sun. Travel from Costa Rica, Panama to Belize. Or head to the tropical bouquet of the Caribbean islands. Explore Saint Martin, Turks and Caicos, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic and more. Let Luxurious Destinations sweep you off to cabins of Colorado, the beauty of California, and the estates of Idaho. Then go around the world to  the Tuscan vineyards, whitewashed villages on the cliffs of Greece, and finally to one of Spain’s most popular resort towns in Costa del Sol. Where, in each city you will find the luxury you of which you are dreaming.

Around the World in a Private Jet

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Villas are ideal for family reunions, corporate retreats, weddings, and other events as well as for an ultra luxurious personal getaway. It might also be noteworthy to mention that some residencies will offer as many as 22 bedrooms! Most homes feature oceanfront locations and beach views with no seasonal exceptions. Whether craving hot or cold weather, Luxurious Destinations has a villa for you. Each home is also fully furnished with parking, fitness, and media rooms as well as other luxuries, varying by the property. For example, other important amenities include jacuzzis, saunas, pool tables, and barbecue areas. Nevertheless, swimming pools, spas, shopping, and world-class dining will always be readily available.

All the while, luxurious properties are merely one of this company’s perks. Luxurious Destinations will book and plan anything you need. Experience top-notch transportation, private jet travels, private cruises, sailing expeditions, to helicopter tours. Unwind in the spas while the company takes care of your children or arranges for dinner parties, private chefs, and other luxurious outings. Furthermore, ask about local activities and events, the staff will help you within seconds. Simply said, Luxurious Destinations are here to spoil you with the vacation you deserve. Oh, by the way, your ride is waiting outside!

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