Beauty and No Beast at Lake Gaston

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By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG

Believe it or not, Lake Gaston is not named after the arrogant hunter in the story of Beauty and the Beast. However, when I think of Lake Gaston I cannot help but think of the dashing, yet wicked character, Gaston, from the story. Nevertheless, Lake Gaston does actually share one characteristic with Belle’s ruthless admirer—beauty. And just as Gaston was overflowing with attractive masculinity, Lake Gaston flourishes with abundant watersports. Like Gaston’s lush flowing hair, Lake Gaston’s rich woodlands are bustling with lively nature. And, while Gaston’s charming eyes entice, Lake Gaston’s cozy cottages invite. Lake Gaston is no doubt a dreamy destination.

Lakd Gaston and Surrounding Areas

The lake extends 350 miles along the Virgina and North Carolina coastline. Notably, the area’s calm settling has attracted retirees since the 1970s. Nevertheless, America’s hydroelectric reservoir is also popular for its outstanding fishing. Striped bass, Largemouth bass, Bluegill, Blue catfish, and Chain pickerel are just some of the fish wildlife in the local area. Furthermore, Lake Gaston offers superb water recreational activities. Examples include wakeboarding, water skiing, boating, kayaking, and swimming. Furthermore, on the Virginia side, visitors gain access to the Tanglewood Shores Country Club with legendary golfing, plus the Rosemont Winery. Lakefront camping is also possible with Lake Gaston Americamps. On the other hand, you must visit Goat Island. Children will love scavenging after the mysterious goats. Finally,  after a generous retreat to nature, visit the cities booming with delicious meals, theaters, and modern entertainment.

Lake Gaston

Lake Gaston Stretches its Shoreline Across Two States

Lakeside Rentals—Top Vacation Rentals in Lake Gaston, Virginia & North Carolina

Luckily, if Lake Gaston is to your liking, you may visit either state. Lakeside Rentals promotes their vacation rental homes on both the Virginia and North Carolina sides. Lakeside Rentals specializes in both long-term rentals and short-term rentals. The team can help you decide exactly which cozy cabin to choose for your next getaway based on your preferences.

However, every home is equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi. Other amenities range from washer and dryers to ping-pong tables, grills, extra garages, and hot tubs. Lakeside Rentals even include pet-friendly rentals, flexible stays, and cottages by shallow water specifically for children. The rentals come with two bedrooms up to six bedrooms. However, two bedroom rentals are set-up to sleep more than you might think. Clearly, your vacation experience is Lakeside Rentals’ top priority. Finally, we suggest you take this time to find the beauty inside of you at Lake Gaston.

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