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By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG

When you think of Florida–Miami or Orlando, and perhaps even Tallahassee come to mind. However, have you ever considered Indian Shores or Indian Rocks Beach? There, Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty brings life to a small town that combines the charm of the beach area and a city feel. Enjoy luxury amenities and the best of Plumlee Perks while renting a gorgeous home from this high-end rental company.

Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty offers more than 200 vacation rentals in the Clearwater and Tampa Bay area. Houses are equipped with all the necessary amenities, including the finer touches. Expect hot tubs, pools, and other luxuries. To further ease your stay, Plumlee Perks provides guests with free bike rentals, DVDs, parking, beach equipment–even discounts to local theme parks and events.

The Other Side of Florida

Indian Shores, Florida Vacation Rental Travel Guide

Indian Shores from an Aerial View of Florida.

Although they are lesser known areas, Indian Rocks Beach and Indian Shores offer no less adventure and excitement than any of their rivals. From family events to solo and couple entertainment, these towns provide amusement parks, beaches, delicious restaurants, and many stunning golf courses.

Lovers of the outdoors will feel comfortable in Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty vacation rental homes. Since all homes offer proximity to beaches, guests may opt for parasailing, kayaking, canoeing, or just lay on the beach. Next, stop at the restaurants which will serve up a variety of drinks and tastes. Or, head over to The Pub for some tasty western style food. And, if you love pasta, do not forget to try some of the lovely Italian restaurants.

In addition, Indian Shores and Indian Rocks Beach is a shopper’s paradise. The International Plaza offers a large number of specialty stores. Stroll leisurely outside for even more shopping, dining, and other fun activities. Families especially may enjoy visiting the local Lowry Park Zoo. Indeed, others might love the historical aspect of Heritage Village and the Sunken Gardens. In short, whatever you may like to do, look around–you may be surprised at what is around for your enjoyment! Before your next trip to Florida, check with Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty. They could have a very tempting discount for you.

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