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In alliance with  FindRentals.comThe Vacation Rental Travel Guide offers a program for Hawaiian vacation rental managers to book even more vacation rental travelers. 


Hawaiian Edition 2015 the vacation rental travel guide

Hawaiian Edition 2015

  • 1 year listing on  vacation booking site at www.FindRentals.com ($200 value) for free for your Vacation Rental.

  • 1 directory listing in The Vacation Rental Travel Guide Hawaiian Edition

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  • If reviewed in the Hawaiian Edition of The Vacation Rental Travel Guide includes link ($295 value) for 1 year to the Find Rentals Property ListingVRTG-RedSeal-12-23-12 (2)

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What People are Saying about
The Vacation Rental Travel Guide:

One reader responds to Liz Mandua’s  review on the Duff Chalet in Lake Tahoe area:

“I just read your article that had a link to it on another website, VacationAnnex.com. Your article was the main reason our family decided to book this property. Thank you, it was a great read!” 

Steve Reed responds to A Fairytale, written by Renee Fontaine:

“This article is so inspiring that my summer plans have been re-written to include a trip to this so-close-to San Francisco hidden jewel. With Clearlake being the largest fresh water lake that rests entirely within California and with it being so much closer than the lake in Tahoe, what could be better than to rest, relax and regenerate in such a pristine environment. I can’t wait.”

Upon reading Croatian Dé Vu, a seasoned traveler, Dan Erlich of Fort Walton, FL says:

“Incredible enthusiasm shows through in all of your writings. Not dry and travelogue-y at all. Every time I read something of yours it makes me want to drop what I’m doing and go there.”

And Audrey Addison Williams comments about On the Move, a review By Cindy White:

“I felt as though I was already there. The mention of the floor tiles in the bathroom brought a smile to my face as it is also a part of memories from my childhood home. I have spent some time in the Bay area but have not been to Richmond. I will certainly put it high on my list when I am scheduled to be in that area again.”


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