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By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG

Vacation Paradise comes in all shapes, sizes, and places. For some, a vacation paradise is a frosty ski-trip to Aspen, CO, while for others, their paradise is located on the black sand beaches of Hawaii. However, lots of travelers find their vacation paradise in Florida. From the banks of Englewood and Manasota Key, visitors feel welcome by the nature, community, and recreation. Obviously, one of the greatest welcomes comes in the form of the famous Florida weather.

Healthy Floridian Lifestyle in Englewood-Manasota Key, FL

englewood and manasota key, FL

Sunset in Manasota Key & the Englewood Area. FL.

The coast is one of Englewood and Manasota Key’s top outdoor spots. The mild winters and hot summers make Englewood’s beaches attractive all year-round. In summers, the ocean breeze makes  the warm temperatures tolerable. To get a fix on the location, Englewood is 35 miles South of Sarasota, FL. In contrast, Manasota Key is an island next to Englewood. Of course, Manasota Key is easy to access over a bridge. Once you exit the South Bridge, you will first arrive at the lively part of the Key. This includes restaurants, general stores, and cute boutiques. However, the Southside is also the closest to the Englewood and the Stump Pass Public Beaches.

On the other hand, the North Bridge leads to the Manasota Key–and near the public beaches. In total, you may explore a total of four public beaches in the general area. You will find many options for family activities on the beaches. You and your children may indulge in shell hunting—you may even identify some fossilized sharks teeth. At the same time, you might spot some dolphins and manatees in the bay waters, while stately bald eagles and sea birds fly above.

Similarly, Englewood is split into the two warm and friendly communities. These are Sarasota County in the North, and Charlotte County in the South. Both of the areas offer cultural spots such as a public library, playhouses, art galleries, and shopping as well as annual festivals. Also, no other US spot quite lives up to the cool winters and warm summers of Florida. The mild and warm weather makes for some of the world’s top fishing spots, eco-tours, golf, hiking, scuba diving, and a myriad of recreational options.

Gulf Realty & Associates in Englewood and Manasota Key, Florida

Englewood and Manasota Key are home to Gulf Realty & Associates. Indeed, GRA is a top-notch rental agency serving visitors since 1981. By the way, no other area rental agency compares to the depth of knowledge and experience of these professionals. And, clearly these are the folks to ask for help when looking to rent or buy dream houses in the area. With a selection of 300 fully furnished places in the form of villas, homes, or condos, you are likely to find an ideal fit for your group. GRA even offers places by the golf course, in town, by the beach, the bay, or the canal. Furthermore, the agency offers pet-friendly rentals. All you need to do is to book your vacation rental from GRA– and then plan your Florida trip.

A few of the GRA property listings are published in the Family Focused Niche.

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