Drummond Island–Northern Nature Daydream

Northern Properties of Drummond Island, MichiganNorthern Properties of Drummond Island, MI

By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTGBlue Golden Seal

Are you a nature lover? Is the outdoors your safe haven? If that is true, you might take a break from traditional “Disney World” vacation. Instead, reconnect with yourself and friends sitting near a crackling bonfire. Drummond Island invites guests to embrace the rural woodlands of Michigan. Whilst Northern Properties expects guests to seek refuge in the fresh air, lakeside adventures, and nature’s beauty. Consequently, you have no need for overpriced entertainment. Northern Properties homes are located to flourish in nature’s simplicity. Fully relax in the woods, cuddle with your partner, or just laugh when on Drummond Island.

Northern Properties manages Drummond Island’s largest choice of vacation rental homes. Therefore, you may quickly search online through the properties. The homes range from quaint four-person cottages to full-blown luxurious waterfront homes for as many as thirteen guests. Each cozy rental home is furnished and uniquely designed by the owners. In addition, amenities include hot tubs, private docks, pet-friendly areas, and fireplaces. Whereas, appliances such as TVs, linens, and barbecue grills are offered in all homes. Northern Properties offers clear instructions with each home and helps to select the best one for your needs.

Dtummond Island

Sunset on Drummond Island

Lake Vacation Perks

Drummond Island is on Lake Huron, Michigan. Remarkably, the island is known as the second largest freshwater island in the United States. Therefore, the lake is fantastic for year-round fishing enthusiasts. Indeed, the lake is teaming with spring perch, pike, bass, salmon, and sunfish. Nevertheless, the lake is also excellent for boating, kayaking, and swimming. On the other hand, inland Drummond Island is attended for camping, hunting, birding, hiking, and sightseeing. Incidentally, you will do well to bring a camera with you.

In all truth, Michigan gets quite cold. Consequently, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and ice rinks open the moment winter arrives. Notably, the cool season is famous for the Winter Carnival and MIRA Snowmobile Races. On the other hand, autumn hosts Halloween carnivals, scavenger hunts, and costume parties. In addition, once the weather warms up, festivities include the Easter Egg Hunt, Fourth of July celebrations, charity events, games, and competitions. You can even win some free baked goods! Plus, to burn calories after eating some delicious the cuisine, enjoy some bowling, tennis, mountain biking, and golfing as well.

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