DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: The Vacation Rental Travel Guide

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Get your vacation rental seen in an international vacation rental guide! Even more important, line your property up for a chance at professional vacation rental reviews! This ofVRTG-DominicanCover-3Dcover-04-03-16fer goes to the first 10 applicants with properties in the Dominican Republic. Get your property the “as seen in” seal; and listed in the VRTG Directory (normally $79) for just $29! Apply for your VRTG listing with the application form below. The Vacation Rental Travel Guide lists your property THREE WAYS–VRTG-BlueSeal-9-27-2015

  1. See your listing in the four-color digital version of VRTG.
  2. Published Version of VRTG Book (Amazon International).
  3. Online reviews at the VRTG website, should your property be selected. [vfb id=31]