Live the Magic, Ca-Sa’Gredo Palace Hotel in Venice, IT

Live The Magic By Sophia Leva-Marie One of my dreams is to live in Italy. Thus, when I was invited to a feminine wealth retreat in Venice, my answer could only be yes. Our retreat was aptly named “Live the Magic.” The hotel was originally built in the 15th century, when the magic begun. Created as a canal-side palazzo, it was in service of the infamous Count Sagredo. Yet, in today’s incarnation, its refined glory has  still captured many accolades. Notably, Condé Nast’s […] Read more »

WEST HAMPTON BEACH- Westhampton Beach, NY

Small Details Lead to Greatness By Lead Travel Writer Renee Fontaine   “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” —Vincent Van Gogh The small details in all aspects of our lives are what lead to greatness and success. From relationships, to art, to cooking, to business, there is nothing more important than the “small things.” This rule also holds true for the aspects that make a house a home. This Westhampton Beach house brings all the small details […] Read more »


Read what Vacation rental travelers are saying about the vacation rental reviews on VRTG: “I just read your article that had a link to it from another website. Your article was the main reason our family decided to book this property. Thank you. It was a great read!” — Bob posted on VRTG Website “I felt as though I was already there. The mention of the floor tiles in the bathroom brought a smile to my face as it is […] Read more »