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15 Top Travel Tips Make Flying a Breeze By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG Stressed while flying? Try some of these 15 top travel tips to turn travel stress to travel bliss on your next journey. Fumbling with your passport, people behind you shoving … and like, where is my cell phone? Oh, my God. My purse is gone! Is this you? (It was me). If you are anything like this while flying, read on. I hope that even just one of these […] Read more »

Why are Vacation Rentals Better than Hotels? 10 Benefits

Have you discovered vacation rentals yet? If you have never tried booking a vacation rental you are in for a pleasant surprise. The advantages of vacation rentals are many. Most of us who have experienced them will not go back to hotel living, except when needing one or two nights. Anything over two nights and two persons makes vacation rentals a great bet. Here’s Why … . What is a Vacation Rental? By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG We define a vacation rental as a […] Read more »


Read what Vacation rental travelers are saying about the vacation rental reviews on VRTG: “I just read your article that had a link to it from another website. Your article was the main reason our family decided to book this property. Thank you. It was a great read!” — Bob posted on VRTG Website “I felt as though I was already there. The mention of the floor tiles in the bathroom brought a smile to my face as it is […] Read more »

VACATION RENTAL HOMES: 25% Less than Hotel Rooms

  Preview Edition of The Vacation Rental Guide to be Released Summer 2016 Compiled by Deborah S. Nelson June 7, 2015–DS Publishing announced today the release of the newest edition of The Vacation Rental Travel Guide. With the vacation rental industry growing in a down economy, the market is set to surge even more as economy vitality returns. With vacation rental homes on average priced at 25% less than the equivalent hotel rooms (measured by beds), many travelers have shifted their […] Read more »