Join the Festival Fever at Cape May, New Jersey

deSatnick Real Estate in Cape May, New Jersey

By Deborah S. Nelson, Author/Publisher VRTG

Festival, Festival, FestivalBlue Golden Seal

Cape May cdeSatnick Real Estate in Cape May, New Jersey Logoontinues to capture the hearts of visitors since the early 17th Century. Mostly because the Nation’s Oldest Seashore Resort knows no “off-season”. Spring is the time for the Spring Victorian & Tulip and Garden Festival, Easter Sunday dinners, the Easter Parade, and Cap May Restaurant Week. People flock the streets to celebrate the warmer weather and the delicious meals at the endless culinary events. Then, all the fun soon transitions into the most exciting time of the year for the City—Summer. Besides the regular beach, shopping, walking, and bicycling activities, summer is the time to enjoy the water. From whale watching, fishing, to the Mid Atlantic Tuna Contest, Cape May encourages you to take a splash. The Cape May Bird Observatory and the Nature Center as well, both offer tours and programs every day of the season.

Places to Stay in Cape May

Nothing screams professionalism more than a put-together company who knows how to take care of clients. This trait along with many others is what draws visitors to deSatnick Real Estate. Their unbridled passion for providing customers with recent technological innovations, personalized customer service, and the essence of the community in each of their properties is what makes deSatnick Real Estate desirable. Besides, who better to trust than a team with years’ worth of experience living in the area?

deSatnick Real Estate specializes in renting and selling individual homes, townhouses, condos, and apartments in the peaceful city of Cape May, New Jersey. From gardens, decks, and marble floors to elevators, storage rooms, and fireplaces, a multitude of luxuries vary between residencies. deSatnick Real Estate caters to solo adventurers, families, and groups of up to 26 people including animals within the Victorian building. However, all rentals share one thing in common—the refreshing breeze of the harbor reaches everyone despite the beach not being in sight from all properties. And no feeling can compare to breathing in the salty air of the Jersey Shores.

Fishing Boats at dock in Cape May New Jersey.

Autumn and Winter Specials

When Fall arrives, festivals are plentiful. The Lima Bean Festival, Food & Wine Festival, Jackson Street’s Oktoberfest, and Cape May New Jersey State Film Festival are the most popular. The Mid-Atlantic Center for Arts hosts tours to about Cape May’s history and sponsors Victorian Weekend. Autumn is time for the Bird Show where speculators can witness the migration of thousands of birds, butterflies, raptors species, and join nature walks. Finally, winter is as lovely as the other seasons. In true Cape May fashion, festivals continue. Celebrate the Victorian era at the Dickens Christmas Extravaganza or watch the West Cape May Christmas Parade.

Shopping and food

Finally, winter time is as lovely as the rest of the seasons. In true Cape May fashion, the festivals continue. Celebrate the Victorian era again at the Dickens Christmas Extravaganza or watch the West Cape May Christmas Parade. Shopping and food are also one of the highlights of every winter season. Then come the New Year specials and the Valentine romance. Simply said, live life with fun and laughter at Cape May, New Jersey.

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