Vacation Rental Travel Guide Application Form

Gold Seal of Approval for The Vacation Rental Travel Guide

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One listing for one book for one year is $59: Includes the VRTG seal.

Once listed in the VRTG Directory (as per terms & conditions) your properties qualify to be considered for a review written by our professional travel writers and inclusion in our vacation rental guide, both in the online version and the Amazon Books version. For detailed info and ad rates, see advertising rates. For help or multiple properties, contact us.


Option 1:
$59 for One Property/One Niche
Option 2: $79 for One Property/Two Niches
Option 3: $109 for One Property/Three Niches
Option 4: $149 for One Property/Four Niches
Option 5: $179 for One Property/Five Niches

Option 6: COMBO $179 for up to 5 Properties/up to 5 Niches
Option 7: COMBO: $349 for up to 10 Properties/up to 5 Niches
Option 8: COMBO: $799 for up to 25 Properties/up to 5 Niches
Option 9: COMBO: $1499 for up to 50 Properties/up to 5 Niches
Option 10: COMBO: $2499 for up to 100 Properties/up to 5 Niches
Option 11: COMBO: $4999 for up to 250 Properties/up to 5 Niches
Option 12: COMBO: $8999 for up to 500 Properties/up to 5 Niches

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