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Get your Vacation Rental SEEN in an International Travel Guide! Just $79 per property per year (deep discounts for multiple properties/property managers), gets your property this “as seen in” seal, a certificate for display; and listed in the VRTG Directory. Apply for your listing using the application form below. The Vacation Rental Travel Guide lists your property seen THREE WAYS–

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How Can My Property be Selected for Review in VRTG?

VacationRentalEarthOnce your properties are listed, they qualify for a 2000-word article published in the body of The Vacation Rental Travel Guide!  (See Live Reviews) Live reviews are published ONLINE, in the PHYSICAL GUIDE, and DIGITAL VERSION of The Vacation Rental Travel Guide. Link from  your listing to  your VRTG review for professional validation! Since VRTG writers travel to and stay in the vacation homes, guests will know your vacation rental is real–valuable verification for guests, as the vacation rental business is always being hit with vacation rental scams. No Negative Reviews/Articles

Positive Reviews Only

The Vacation Rental Travel Guide is not a “white glove” publication. Each vacation rental is unique and cannot be rated by hotel industry standards. We select properties to be featured in the body of the book based on category, location, and other factors. To be invited for a write-up, the vacation rental must have working Internet and availability for our travel writers at the time VRTG is in the area. Our publication is full of fun and happy vacation rental experiences. If Although this has never happened, if the travel writer in good conscience is not able to write a positive review, it will not be published. There is no risk to you. Simply apply for a directory listing below, only a one-time fee of $59 per listing per publication.

Multiple Vacation Property Listings

The application below includes wholesale pricing for multiple properties and listing niches. Many of our property managers are able to get reviews for their property owners, in addition to a substantial discount for multiple listings. If you are purchasing multiple listings; and desire personal attention, you may email Contact Us

Select Your Categories

The vacation rental market is growing and experiencing increased competition, sophistication and scams. Developing a specific market niche to attract loyal guests and referrals is key for solidifying your vacation rental income stream.  The Vacation Rental Travel Guide offers 10 categories to in which to feature your outstanding vacation rental. 

What Special Markets Fit your Vacation Rental Properties?

Click on the niche image below for more info about each vacation rental niche

Beach Area vacation rentral guide

Beach Area
Vacation Rentals

Family Friendly Vacation Rentals

Family Focused
Vacation Rentals

Outstandingly Located vacation rental

Outstandingly Located
Vacation Rentals


Events & Retreat
Vacation Rentals

Super Romantic the vacation travel guide

Super Romantic
Vacation Rentals


Ultra Luxurious
Vacation Rentals

Amazingly Unique vacation rental guide

Unusually Unique
Vacation Rental

For the Sports Enthusiast vacation rental guide

Vacation Rentals for
the Sports Enthusiast

For The Wine Connosieur vacation rental guide

Vacation Rentals for
the Wine Connoisseur

Value Conscious

Value Conscious
Vacation Rentals

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The Vacation Rental Travel Guide

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Let your imagination run wild on a journey with six talented travel writers who bring  you live reviews of outstanding vacation rental homes from Mexico to Canada.

Join Renee Fontaine as she romances France; walk with Liz through the diverse culture of Croatia; and hang with Deborah as she discovers her roots in Europe.


Written in a philosophical tone, these short stories make you feel right there! Learn how to create your own exciting vacation rental memories in Croatia or anywhere!