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Work from Home or as You Travel!
Welcome to the opportunity to work from your home office, wherever it may be! If you have a work area free from distraction, background noise, a working computer, a good headset as well as high speed Internet, a SKYPE account, then you’ll be thrilled over the opportunity to work as a publicity agent for The Vacation Rental Travel Guide.

We offer three types of advertising products for sale: Directory Listings which are marketed to Vacation Rental Property Mangers (and owners). Display ads which are marketed to them as well, plus marketed by travel writers and ad agents to local establishments nearby the vacation rental property being reviewed. Additionally, we offer Hot Ad Links, which hyperlink the local establishment or vacation rental property to their website URL. Those whose property is reviewed will also be offered plaques by our publicity agents to display in their vacation rental property or establishment. Finally, as a publicity agent, you will have the opportunity to wholesale books to property managers and other advertisers once each new edition of The Vacation Rental Travel Guide are published. you enjoy talking on the phone, (or in person, if you are a travel writer who is also an publicity agent)  are self motivated, persistent, enjoy speaking with business managers, this is the position for you! Bilingual or multi-lingual is a plus! Our publicity agents call on vacation rental property managers all over the world to give them the opportunity to be listed in this high quality International publication. Publicity agents may also sell display advertising, website advertising and other products to support the vacation rental community. This is a five year project, as we will be publishing 10 geographic volumes covering the entire world.

Being an publicity agent for VRTG is an independent agent position, with you responsible for  your own equipment, taxes, insurances, transportation, and Internet service. Your compensation is performance based, and that means you can set your own schedule, and create you own success out of the comfort and privacy of your home office. With VRTG,  you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself!

Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and fill out the application below; and get started on an exciting new advocation.



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