What is The Vacation Rental Travel Guide?

THE VACATION RENTAL TRAVEL GUIDE is a professional series of books published on both Amazon International, and in e-book form. VRTG specializes in vacation rental home reviews. These comprehensive guides feature outstanding vacation rental homes covering ten worldwide geographical areas in ten specialized categories. VRTG creates publicity and visibility for the Vacation Rental Community by writing detailed positive experiential reviews. Show-casing vacation homes and local areas, these chronicles announce the emergence of the vacation home venue to travelers all over the world.Vacation Rental Guide World Tour


The concept of vacation rentals allows people to stay in homes with kitchens, yard space, and comfort. Typically, vacation rentals are 25% less in cost than an “equivalent” hotel room in terms of bed space. There are tremendous advantages with vacation rentals that hotels do not offer.  Of course, there are always risks when traveling.

This guide is for those seeking outstanding vacation rentals around the world. VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner), the forerunner in online booking and listing of vacation rentals, offers voluntary reviews from a range of people who have stayed in various vacation rentals. Other vacation rental listing services have followed suit. However, The Vacation Rental Travel Guide takes the next step for those who are serious about using vacation rentals as their preferred travel venue!

This publication highlights outstanding vacation rental homes by niche and region. This allows people interested in categories of vacation homes, such as family-focused, or ports-oriented vacation rental locations to get real life information. Like a reality show, you will read an article about the writer’s experience while staying at the featured vacation rental. This guide offers in-depth details including maps of local sites, restaurants, markets, grocery stores, and events that normally get little coverage with on-line vacation rental listings.


Deborah S. Nelson, Vacation Rental Guru and Author, Vacation Rental Owner’s Manual Volume 1, Volume 2, and The Vacation Rental Travel Guide, Volume 3. Ms. Nelson has written and published ten practical books, from Do-it-Yourself vacation rental books to Dreams to Reality Series, which teaches  the ten steps of bringing dreams to reality, a life skill.

Her Do-it-Yourself Vacation Rental Management book (VROM: Vacation Rental Owner’s Manual) is listed as the number two Vacation Rental book on Amazon, as well as #26 in Business Investment/Real Estate books in a category of 26,000 books. Knowing what a booming market the vacation rental business has become, plus understanding that people treasure good information, Ms. Nelson has created The Vacation Rental Travel Guide for those who are serious about saving money while improving the quality of their vacation. Contact Us


Renee Fontaine’s writing experience comes from her legal background where she has written thousands of documents and briefs. Renee is excited about putting her writing skills to work doing what she loves most…international travel. Clear direction and communication are Renee’s strengths. It is no suprise that she is an experienced corporatate attorney, real estate developer, and worldwide traveler. As our trusted advisor, we look to her for wisdom, advise, creativity, and direction. She is the charter travel writer for The Vacation Rental Travel Guide.  [email protected]

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The Vacation Rental Travel Guide

260 pages color or B&W; this preview edition is chocked full of detailed vacation rental reviews worldwide mixed with exciting travel adventure narratives.

Let your imagination run wild on a journey with six talented travel writers who bring  you live reviews of outstanding vacation rental homes from Mexico to Canada.

Join Renee Fontaine as she romances France; walk with Liz through the diverse culture of Croatia; and hang with Deborah as she discovers her roots in Europe.


Written in a philosophical tone, these short stories make you feel right there! Learn how to create your own exciting vacation rental memories in Croatia or anywhere!