Reviews Are NOT Created Equal

Hi, I'm back! Remember me? I am Deborah Nelson and I am a brand fanatic. As the Publisher of The Vacation Rental Travel Guide, I help vacation rental managers increase their bookings through brand building.

As mentioned last email, I am offering vacation rental managers FIVE BRANDING BOMBS to help build brand and gain independence from the OTAs

BRANDING BOMB #4--PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS. We all know that reviews equal booking. Standard reviews create credibility, trust, and reassurance. However, even more trustworthy  and thorough than online reviews is a reveiw written by a professional travel writer. How would you like to see your property in print in The Vacation Rental Travel Guide? To apply for a free or paid review in our travel guide-- you may apply at The Vacation Rental Travel Guide.

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To Your Success,

Deborah S Nelson, Publisher,
The Vacation Rental Travel Guide

Dont Let Them ...

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