The Transparent Booking Package

The Way to BRAND UP!

Hi, I am Deborah S. Nelson. I am a brand fanatic and I am back with my final BRANDING BOMB! My branding bombs are designed to help you build brand for the purpose on increasing your bookings! With the previous 4 branding bombs, I hope you have found at least one inspiring idea to increase your brand and your bookings!

BRANDING BOMB #5: TRANSPARENT BOOKING. What is transparent booking? For starters, it is the ultimate branding bomb!  And, transparent booking leads or inquiries are yours to keep! This makes it possible to build ongoing relationships with guests, referrals, and returning guests. Guests may search for your branded properties on Google to cut out the middlemen. Learn how to create a guest database, and connect with future guests. To starte the Transparent Booking-Branding Package, email or call him at 716-741-4287. For more info, go to TRANSPARENT BOOKING PACKAGE.

If you invest a bit of time to implement JUST ONE of these ideas, you’ll get an edge in the vacation rental game!

To Your Success,

Deborah S Nelson, Publisher,
The Vacation Rental Travel Guide

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