Online Travel Agencies-

They spend millions online to dominate every geographic area of vacation rentals. Good, right? Well, maybe not. As property managers or owners, we feel more and more dependent on their inquiries while they charge us more and more, cutting into our profits—leaving us with more work for less money.

Obviously, most property agencies don’t have budget to compete with the OTA for inqiries and leads. Yet, you can beat them on a different playing field. HOW? You can establish a brand relationship with your guests. 

This is something the OTA's cannot do! They are too big, too bureaucratic, and too busy! So, exactly what is your brand?

  "The vacation rental industry is a 100 billion dollar market. Brand Up and get your share of the MULA!"

Hi, I am Deborah S. Nelson. I am a brand fanatic. As the Publisher of The Vacation Rental Travel Guide, I help vacation rental managers increase their bookings, through brand building.

Today, I am offering vacation rental managers FIVE BRANDING BOMBS to help build brand and gain independence from the OTAs. 

BRANDING BOMB #1--NICHE BRANDING: Don’t Let them Steal Your Brand! 10 Vacation Rental Niches to Make Your Booking Soar. I am giving you my latest EBook at the link below (for just 72 hours), or you may go to Amazon Books and buy the printed copy.

Assuming you do not unsubscribe, you’ll receive BRANDING BOMBS 2-5 in the next few weeks. If you invest a bit of time to implement JUST ONE of these ideas, you’ll be ahead in the vacation rental game!

To Your Success,

Deborah S Nelson, Publisher,
The Vacation Rental Travel Guide

Dont Let Them ...

Don't Let Them Steal Your Brand! 10 Vacation Rental Niches to Make Your Brand Soar!

New Book by Deborah S. Nelson available at Amazon Books