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260 pages color or B&W; this preview edition is chocked full of detailed vacation rental reviews worldwide mixed with exciting travel adventure narratives.

Let your imagination run wild on a journey with six talented travel writers who bring you live reviews of outstanding vacation rental homes from Mexico to Canada.

Join Renee Fontaine as she romances France; walk with Liz through the diverse culture of Croatia; and hang with Deborah as she discovers her roots in Europe.

The Vacation Rental Travel Guide, By Deborah S. Nelson

Written in a philosophical tone, these short stories make you feel right there! Learn how to create your own exciting vacation rental memories in Croatia or anywhere!


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Let’s face it. Guests are impressed by awards. Therefore, when we go out to eat, or stay in a hotel where awards are displayed–that comforts us! Certainly, we feel—we have come to the right place! Similarly, a vacation home featured in a vacation travel guide creates assurances for guests.

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 Local propety owners, you have property listed on the vacation listing sites. Also, you are now an AirBnB Host ready for rental income to flow. However, what else can you do to get bookings?

Indeed, why not make your rentals stand out with VRTG vacation rental advertising tools? First of all, The Vacation Rental Guide. Secondly, you may include the VRTG gold seal in promo materials. Thirdly, display the VRTG certificate in your vacation home. Additionally, you may place the guide inside the home for your guests to read.VRTG 2021 Red Golden SealAlso, Tourist agencies may Contact us for a custom VRTG for your area.

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Beach Area vacation rentral guide

Beach Area
Vacation Rentals

Family Friendly Vacation Rentals

Family Focused
Vacation Rentals

Outstandingly Located vacation rental

Outstandingly Located
Vacation Rentals


Events & Retreat
Vacation Rentals

Super Romantic the vacation travel guide

Super Romantic
Vacation Rentals


Ultra Luxurious
Vacation Rentals

Amazingly Unique vacation rental guide

Unusually Unique
Vacation Rental

For the Sports Enthusiast vacation rental guide

Vacation Rentals for
the Sports Enthusiast

For The Wine Connosieur vacation rental guide

Vacation Rentals for
the Wine Connoisseur

Value Conscious

Value Conscious
Vacation Rentals


The Vacation Rental Travel GuideAre you new to the idea of renting vacation homes? If so, could you use an info rich vacation rental guide? On the other hand, have you been bitten by the travel bug? However, although you love to travel; your budget is quite small. Indeed, while most hotels offer a feeling of certainty, vacation rental homes offer some even nicer benefits. However, regardless of the extras, one great benefit of booking a vacation home is the lower price. Additionally, you will love the extra space for much less cost than hotels.

However, you will want to sift through all the great short-term rental choices! Obviously, vacation rental homes can make or break a vacation! Indeed, information is power—and The Vacation Rental Travel Guide is a practical information source. Primarily, vacation rental by owner guides deliver five-star vacation rental reviews. Indeed, the short-term rentals reviewed include homes, castles, retreats and villas worldwide. In addition, you may see a Free 260-page flip version of one of our vacation guides.

Introducing a New Vacation Rental Guide

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to Marrakesh, Hawaii, or Croatia? On the other hand, how would you like to swim with dolphins in Mexico? Then, just take a peek at top travel spots with VRTG Travel Writers as they explore travel destinations. Indeed, you will learn of secret treasures before you venture to new lands yourself! In addition, arm yourself with local attraction reviews—eatery secrets, wineries, events, and events not to be missed! For sure, you will learn all this and more, from reviews of hand-picked vacation rentals by VRTG travel writers.

Our Vacation Rental Guide is the Original

THE VACATION RENTAL TRAVEL GUIDE (VRTG) is a professional vacation rental property guide series published on Amazon Books International.  In addition, you may enjoy this book for free on our site in flip book form. And, notably, these vacation rental guides feature outstanding vacation rental homes covering 10 niche categories.

For Property Managers & the Traveler–All in One Guide!

While one goal this vacation rental website is to create publicity and credibility for vacation rental homes by writing positive, experiential reviews, another is to prepare travelers. For this reason, the coveted vacation rental guide seal is awarded to selected management companies as well as outstanding vacation rental homes. Notably, property management companies may be nominated by a leader of the vacation rental community. Consequently, this will qualify them for acceptance into the Vacation Rental Travel Guide. On the other hand, as a property manager or vacation rental owner, you may apply below. In addition, you may call one of our account reps at 202-871-8774.

Emergence of the Vacation Rental Venue

Obviously, our guides showcase vacation rental homes and as well as the local attractions. In addition, through these volumes, the VRTG series announces the emergence of the vacation rental venue to travelers worldwide. Also, VRTG is a platform for vacation rental management companies or the vacation rental owner to promote their short-term rentals. Therefore, the top property managers may use the travel guides to set apart their niche and high-end rental homes from the other options.


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